How To Add Internal Links In WordPress

add internal links

Any of your site’s links are known as internal links of your site. As a newbie, you might find a hard time adding internal links to your WordPress site. But worry, not I am here, in this post, I am going to show you how to add internal links to a WordPress site. 

You will be able to add internal links to any portion of your page/post without any difficulties. Let’s begin then. 

Add Internal Links In WordPress

WordPress has been developed a lot in recent years and now it is more beginner-friendly. Now anyone can customize his site using WordPress’s default editor (block editor. )

At first, open the existing post/page or create a new one where you want to add internal link. Now highlight the text in which you want to add internal links and press on the ‘Link’ button.  

Alternatively, you can press ‘ctrl + k’ or ‘Command + k’ to add internal links. Now a box will appear where you will be able to place your internal link. 

In the box, you can place any internal link directly or search for the page/post of your website like the above image. Click on your desired post/page and its link will automatically be placed. For any additional settings click on the arrow (1), then you can set if you want to open the link in the new tab or not. 

Afterward, click on the Apply button (2). Your internal link is now added to your highlighted text. For example, this is an internal link for Ultimate Blocks, as it contains link of this site.


Isn’t it easy? So now that you have learned to add internal links to the WordPress site, go and add internal links to your sites. For more useful how-to guides you can check more blogs from our site. If you liked the post please share it and share your thoughts through the comment box below. 

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