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Accessibility: Ultimate Blocks backend and frontend aren't optimized

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I am a totally blind digital creator using WordPress as my main web platform as WordPress core is natively supporting accessibility (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.2 level AA – or at least 2.1).

A co-worker suggested me “Ultimate Blocks” to enhance my editor with other blocks, including a table of content which was what I needed. But…

First of all, I found a lot of accessibility issues in the backend. No semantic-based heading levels to reach settings rapidly by screen readers, no indication (the aria-current attribute for example) when a tab in settings is selected, the tabs are all BUTTONS and my screen readers detect them as such, without indicating me which one I have selected; unlabeled buttons and checkboxes, especially when I wish to activate and deactivate blocks I ant or not want to have. The activation and deactivation controls are icons -unlabeled icons- so I am forced to ask a sighted person to turn them on or off. 

And, worst thing, when I set a table of content, visually the content is displayed correctly when I click on a link, but my screen reader’s focus remains on the link I have clicked. For example even in your documentation, when I click on “key features” my focus stays on “key features” link without jumping down to the desired place.

So, of course, buying pro license has been totally excluded because I do not give money to devs who do not optimize their code for accessibility; I buy something when same service is guaranteed both to sighted and blind.

But I deleted plugin from my site and I found a terrible surprise: that table of content destroyed all my anchors I set manually, and I had to check all headings to set them back manually again.

Last but not least, now I found lots of unused and non-working blocks on my Gutenberg. Uninstalling the plugin completely might not have done the trick to clean my editor as it was.

Have I tried other blocks on your plugin? No, as being it inaccessible from the start, the premises are not good.



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