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Nested Content Toggle open via javascript?

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Hey there,

I have Nested content toggles 3 layers deep.

I want to be able to link someone like the following:

Then when they load that URL, it scrolls to the first content toggle, opens it, opens the next content toggle, and then opens the third content toggle with the #bigbuckbunny jumplink.

I tried searching all over but didn’t quite find if someone already asked this… sorry… please help?


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This is not something built into the plugin, or I am not sure if we will build it into the core plugin.

I will look into it, and let you know. 

Maybe a small custom solution for you.

Kind regards.

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Hey thanks for the reply, I’ve seen on google other people talking about this but I haven’t been able to find any code that would work for my site, or maybe I’m just too new to understand what I’m looking at.


Just want to link people like:


And have javascript open the right tabs for the user and get them to their content.

Thanks for your help!



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