How to Disable Gutenberg and Use the Classic Editor

Gutenberg is coming into core very soon. There has been mixed feedbacks about Gutenberg since it was announced.

If you check out the Reviews for Gutenberg, you will see lots of feedbacks from users who think it's better to stay with the Classic Editor.

At the beginning, I was hesitant too. But I'm much more comfortable with the idea now.

If you have not tried Gutenberg yet, check out Introduction to Gutenberg.

If you have already tried Gutenberg and you still want to use the classic editor, read on. We will see how we can disable Gutenberg and use the classic editor instead.

Disable Gutenberg and Use the Classic Editor

We will need to install and activate Classic Editor Plugin.

With this plugin we have two ways to go.

  1. Disable Gutenberg completely and use Classic Editor instead.
  2. Use both of them, switch between the editor.

The first way to go is to completely disable Gutenberg Editor. If you go this way, you will no longer have Gutenberg editor available. It will be just like before, the classic editor.

The second way to go is having the option to switch between them. You will have the option to use either one of them for editing and creating content.

After installing the plugin, if you go to Writing Settings you will see a new option – Classic editor settings.

Disabling Gutenberg Editor

If you uncheck the box and save settings, Gutenberg will be completely disabled. You will be able to edit and create content with the classic editor.

If you check the box and save settings, Classic Editor will be available alongside Gutenberg editor.

So, how to choose which editor to use?

Switching between Gutenberg and Classic Editor

If you go to your posts list and click on the Post title or Edit, you will be using the Gutenberg Editor for your post.

If you click on Edit (Classic), your post will be opened with the classic editor.

You can also switch between editors when adding or creating a post.

Clicking on 'Edit (Classic)' will switch to classic Editor.

When in Classic Editor, clicking on 'Edit (Gutenberg)' will switch to Gutenberg Editor.

Over To You

Gutenberg will be in core sooner or later. So, it will be a good idea to use it, learn more about it.

But if you are not interested and want to use the classic editor, hope this helped.

If you know any other ways or have other suggestions, please let me know through comments.

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