Things To Do After Installing WordPress (7 Musts)

to do after installing wordpress

You have installed WordPress? Well, Congratulations, but what next? As a beginner, you may not know what to do after installing WordPress website. WordPress is a fantastic CMS that is used worldwide. 

There are tons of things you can do in WordPress. But the main task is always to complete your website project. Before you dive in you should always prepare. In this post, I will show the things you must do after installing WordPress. 

Follow the below steps after installing your WordPress website. 

Things To Do After Installing WordPress

1. Set UP Your Site Title And Tagline

The site title and tagline represent you and your business. It tells about what you do and lets people identify your website easily. To change the site title and tagline navigate to Settings -> General. 

Then change the title and tagline as you wish. 

2. Set Your Date And Time 

The next thing to do after installing WordPress is set up the date and time. By default, the time zone is UTC +0. To set the time navigate to Settings -> General. 

At here you will find the date and time setting option. After setting the date and time don’t forget to hit the Save changes button. 

Permalink is one of the most important elements in WordPress websites. After installing WordPress, you must check this. Otherwise, you will have to repent later. 

The default structure of the permalink is ‘Plain’. This means your posts and page URL will look something like That’s not what search engines, you or someone else wants. 

Therefore navigate to Settings -> Permalinks and select the structure that suits you the most. If you don’t like any of the provided options, click on the custom structure and make your own one. 

4. Remove Sample Contents

The next thing to do after installing WordPress freshly you will notice a sample page and post created named ‘Hello World’. Your site is empty but that doesn’t mean you are going to use those dummy pages and post’s ever

Therefore remove those pages and posts right away. Simply navigate to Posts and hover the cursor on the Hello World post and click on the Trash icon. 

Similarly, navigate to Pages and hover the cursor on the Sample Page, and hit the Trask link. 

5. Choose A Suitable Theme

When you are ready to create something on your website, first you should choose a suitable theme that will match your niche. You might search for suitable themes in the WordPress themes directory. 

While exploring free themes, you should also keep in mind that paid themes offer more customization and functionalities. But it’s totally up to you to choose your theme.

6. Choose Suitable Plugins

Plugins always save your time, therefore it is wise to choose plugins that are going to be necessary for your website. But you have to keep in mind that, excess plugins may slow down your website. 

For example, you can use more blocks with Ultimate blocks, build an advanced pricing table, and various tables with WP Table builder, Create an online store with WooCommerce, etc. 

7. Take Security Measurements

After installing WordPress you are dealing with a very vulnerable website. You may face security issues at any time, therefore you have to take security measurements. Use a strong password, hide administrative URL, update your website, update the security plugin, Use two-factor authentication, enable SSL connection, link your website with Google analytics, and last but not least create a backup plan. 

No matter what happens, a backup will always save your back. If your site is hacked, crashed, data deleted, or any other problems you can always recover from the backup file. Therefore ensure you take backup. 

Final Words

Do everything above I have said hereafter installing WordPress and you will be managing your website efficiently. Though every website needs unique installations and managing methods to achieve its goals, regardless of its type, each of these steps is critically important. Otherwise, you may find yourself lagging behind in this competition. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment box below. 

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