How To Undo Changes In WordPress By Using Revisions

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Are you looking for a way to undo changes in WordPress editor? Well, you can simply undo things almost everywhere by pressing ‘Ctrl + Z’. But what will you do when you just saved changes and the post is published? 

In this case, you can take the help of revisions. It autosaves everything. Later on, if you think you have done something wrong and you need to revert changes, just use this function and undo changes in WordPress site of yours. 

The details to undo changes using revisions is given below. Let’s see. 

What Is Revision?

WordPress stores your content every time you click on the Save Draft button. This is called Revision. This helps you check your content if everything is alright. Content is also saved when you press, publish or update.

How To Undo Changes In WordPress By Using Revisions

To use the revisions feature at first open the post where you want to undo changes. Click on the settings button on the top right corner of the editor. 

From the post tab, click on the Revisions. Now the revisions window will open. Here’s what it will look like. 

Let me give you short details first, there’s a slider at the top. With this slider, you will be able to select different revisions. Below that WordPress will show you revisions that you have selected with the revision that immediately precedes the revision you have selected. 

A green background indicates that something has been added, and a red background indicates that something was deleted. Red and green color helps you to see what you have deleted or added between revisions. 

There’s a case in which you might not want to compare a revision with the revision immediately before it. For a scenario like this, there’s an option for comparing two specific revisions. 

Just click on the ‘Compare any two revisions’ and you will be able to do it. 

When you find the revision that you want to restore, click on the ‘Restore This Revision.’ But keep in mind, doing this will completely replace the current content with the content in Revision. 

But if you are looking for a small portion that you want to add, then you should follow the copy-paste approach. For example, you are looking for a small portion of paragraph that you deleted, then simply copy it and go back to the editor and paste it. 

This is how undo changes is done with Revisions in WordPress.

Last Words

Hope now you will be able to undo changes in WordPress as much as you want. One more thing, if you want to undo any changes that were done with a plugin, then you have to make sure that the plugin is installed and activated on your website. If you got any questions, feel free to ask. 

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