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14 days
Money back Guarantee

Why Go Pro?

Save Styles
Customize block styles, save presets, and set default styles.

Powerful Enhancements
Unleash the of Blocks with more functionalities and enhancements.

Priority Support
Enjoy peace of mind with 24/7 premium customer support.

Install Ultimate Blocks & Get Rid of Many Plugins!

Table of Contents Plugin

Using the ‘Table of Contents’ block, you can add ToC to your WordPress posts and pages.

Review Plugin

Using the ‘Review’ block, you can add a schema-enabled review box.

Countdown Timer Plugin

Using the ‘Countdown’ block, you can add a countdown timer to your posts/pages.

Button Plugin

Using the ‘Button (Improved)’ block, you can add advanced buttons.

Accordion Plugin

Using the ‘Content Toggle’ block, you can streamline your content in accordion.

Slider Plugin

Using the ‘Image Slider’ block, you can add sliders to your posts/pages.

Progress Bar Plugin

Using the ‘Progress Bar’ block, you can add a progress bar to your posts/pages.

FAQ Plugin

Using the ‘Content Toggle’ block, you can add schema-enabled FAQs.

Tabs Plugin

Using the ‘Tabbed Content’ block, you can organize your content in tabs.

Click to Tweet Plugin

Using the ‘Click to Tweet’ block, you can add click-to-tweet boxes.

Post Grid Plugin

Using the ‘Post Grid’ block, you show blog posts in a grid layout.

Schema Plugin

Using the Content Toggle, Review, and HowTo blocks, you can add schemas to your posts/pages.

Who should use Ultimate Blocks?

Ultimate Blocks is perfect for bloggers, affiliate marketers, designers, developers, basically everyone who wants to create better, engaging content.

Do I need coding skills to use Ultimate Blocks?

Absolutely not! Ultimate Blocks is the most user-friendly Gutenberg Blocks Plugin for WordPress. You can use Ultimate Blocks without any prior coding knowledge.

Will Ultimate Blocks slow down my website?

Absolutely not. We have built Ultimate Blocks with performance in mind. If you don’t have any blocks from UB on your page, we don’t load anything on that page. We have followed the best standards and modern practices.

Can I use Ultimate Blocks on client sites?

Yes, you can use Ultimate Blocks on client sites.

Ultimate Blocks is one of my favorite plugins for Gutenberg. I install it on every site I build.

Adam Connell

Blogging Wizard

Ultimate Blocks is one of the best plugins and very easy to use. It adds important functionality to the editor.

Dev Sharma


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