Hostinger WordPress Hosting Review: Pros, Cons, Pricing, and More

Choosing the right web hosting for your website is always a crucial decision as your website’s success often hinges on how good your website hosting is. 

From performance to ease of use, the right web hosting can help you not only manage your website easily but also deliver good performance that will help you provide a good experience to your users. 

Today, there are many great web hosting providers with so many features at great pricing. One such provider is Hostinger which has risen in popularity in recent years with their feature offerings and attractive pricing. 

With over 2 million websites hosted on their platform and a 4.7 rating on Trustpilot from 20,000 reviews, it’s considered one of the most popular hosting providers out there. 

In this Hostinger review, I’ll talk in-depth about this hosting provider along with its features, support, performance, pricing, and more. 

Let’s see if Hostinger is really good hosting and whether it’s worth your money. 

Hostinger Features

Hostinger has a rich feature offering with lots of attractive features that would make you consider hosting your website on their platform. 

For starters, they offer a wide range of hosting services which include shared hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting. 

While this list isn’t big unlike other popular hosting providers, I often see it as a good sign because this means they’re focused on offering a few quality services instead of a huge list of hosting solutions. 

Hostinger prides itself on offering a very user-friendly experience to its customers that makes it very easy to manage your website regardless of whether you’re a newbie or a tech-savvy person. 

This is evident from their Members Area which is their user dashboard that has every option right at your fingertips. Whether you want to view your websites, check your hosting plans, add emails, view pending payments, etc you can do it all from this dashboard. 

I like the fact that it’s clean and every option is right in front of you so you don’t have to dig around to find even the basic settings. 

Another difference compared to other hosting providers is that Hostinger comes with hPanel instead of the traditional cPanel. 

The big difference between the two is that Hostinger’s hPanel is more organized and well laid out whereas cPanel feels cluttered. If you’re someone who’s not a fan of cPanel, you’d really like the hPanel as all options are listed on the left sidebar and can easily be accessed. 

Besides this, Hostinger offers a lot of features such as one-click WordPress installation allowing you to set up your WordPress site in an instant. You also get unlimited free SSL for your website that renews automatically. 

If you already have a website hosted on some other platform, Hostinger offers a free migration service that lets you migrate your website to their platform free of charge. 

But if you want to set up a brand new website, you can also get a free domain registration for the first year with Hostinger. 

Here is an overview of the features you get with Hostinger: 

  • Free SSL 
  • Free Website Migration
  • Clean Dashboard
  • Unlimited Bandwidth 
  • Daily Backups
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free Email
  • Automatic Updates

That’s an impressive list of features and covers the essential needs of any WordPress user. These features are available on most of their hosting plans which are very affordable as well. 


Support is a crucial aspect to consider whenever you’re buying WordPress hosting. You don’t want to be left hanging when you’re facing an issue on your website and there’s no one to help you. 

Thankfully, with Hostinger you get 24/7 support from their expert team. Their support is available in more than 20 languages which is very impressive and can be useful if you’re not a native English speaker. 

You can get support either via call or a live chat message. The support team responds in under 3 minutes which is acceptable for a huge company like Hostinger. 

The support team is well-trained, professional, and most importantly patient with user queries. They make sure your issue is resolved and do their best to provide you with a solution quickly. 

Besides this, Hostinger also has an extensive knowledge base with detailed articles on how to use Hostinger and other WordPress-related articles. 

On top of this, you can also find tutorials on the Hostinger blog guiding you through their platform as well as WordPress. 

So, whether you want to learn WordPress or want help with Hostinger’s platform, you can get enough guidance and help through their documentation and tutorials. 

Overall, Hostinger has covered all bases when it comes to support. You can find help from their documentation or just chat with their support team. 


Performance is the backbone of any website’s success and your web hosting plays a huge role in it. 

With Hostinger, you’re in luck because they use LiteSpeed web servers which are renowned for their fast speed and performance. On top of this, they also use the LSCWP Cache plugin which further contributes to website performance. 

Here is an overview of the performance features in Hostinger: 

  • LiteSpeed Web Server
  • LSCWP Cache plugin
  • SSD Hardware
  • Global Data Centers
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free CDN

That’s impressive but let’s take a look at some stats to see the real picture. Hostinger is one of the few companies that publicly share their uptime data and history. 

Looking at the uptime history, it’s clear that they have a solid 99% uptime most of the time except for a few hiccups. For example, the downtime in the above image was 2 hours which is somewhat concerning. 

You can check the uptime history of previous months as well to see how often downtimes happen and how long they last. 

Moreover, Hostinger also shares incidents that happened with their platform or services. You can get a clear look at the incidents and scheduled maintenance that sometimes could cause website downtimes. 

In terms of speed, Hostinger has an impressive responsive time according to Pingdom’s data

Hostinger averages a 700ms response time which is pretty decent. With further optimization like using the LSCWP cache plugin along with a CDN, you can speed up your website even more. 

Overall, Hostinger has an impressive performance and uptime for hosting that’s so affordable. You would not get this kind of speed at this price with other hosting providers. 

Hostinger Pricing 

Pricing is where Hostinger shines the most and is one of the reasons why over 2 million websites are hosted on their platform, 

Here are the pricing plans for Hostinger’s standard web hosting: 

Let me break down the pricing of each plan: 

  • Single (1 Website) – $1.99/month
  • Premium (100 Websites) – $2.99/month
  • Business (100 Websites) – $3.99/month 
  • Cloud Startup (300 Websites) – $8.99/month 

All plans come with weekly backups, free SSL, and unlimited bandwidth. Free domain comes with the Premium and its subsequent plans. 

Note that this pricing is for the first billing cycle only so the monthly pricing may be a bit higher for your next billing cycle. That’s why it’s best to purchase Hostinger on an annual plan as you’ll save more money. 

The Business plan is the most value-for-money plan as you’ll get everything in it such as increased performance, free domain, free CDN, on-demand backups, and a lot more. And the fact that you can host 100 websites for just $3.99/month is just bonkers. 

But if you’re just starting out and want to host a single website, then the Single plan is perfect for you. 

Regardless of what you choose, this pricing is just so affordable and you will not find this level of pricing anywhere else. The value offering is too good for the price. That’s why I consider Hostinger as one of the most affordable hosting providers out there. 

Hostinger Pros & Cons

We’ve covered all aspects of Hostinger in our review. But before we wrap it up, here are some of the pros and cons of Hostinger: 

Hostinger Pros

  • Very clean and user-friendly dashboard
  • Affordable pricing plans 
  • Good and reliable performance 
  • One-click WordPress installation 
  • Fast and helpful support

Hostinger Cons

  • Frequent maintenance and platform issues 
  • Very rare but long server downtimes 


In Conclusion, Hostinger is a very good reliable, and fast hosting solution that offers a ton of great features for a very affordable price. 

Whether you’re someone creating your first website or want to move an existing site to a new host, Hostinger is a platform you can trust. You get a user-friendly platform with fast performance and a helpful support team. 

If you’re unsure or have doubts, feel free to ask any question you have regarding Hostinger in the comments section below.

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