Content Toggle (Accordion) Block For Gutenberg

Adding content in accordions is a popular way to add content in posts/pages. Ultimate Blocks comes with a Content Toggle block that allows you to add content in accordions.

Toggle-able content can be used for creating FAQs, Notices.

From version 2.1.2, you can enable FAQ Schema in Content Toggle (Accordion) Block.

Let’s check out some demos.

Content Toggle Block Demo

You can select whether the accordions should be collapsed by default or not.

Here are some accordions that are collapsed by default. Click on them to show the content.


You can if you have WordPress 5.0 or Gutenberg installed.

Here are some accordion that are open by default. Click on the title to close an accordion.

Can I Change the Colours?

Yes, you can.

Can I Keep Them Open?

Yes, of course. Also you can add any other blocks inside the accordion.

This is an accordion inside another accordion

How cool is that?

Settings for Content Toggle Block

Currently the following settings are available for Content Toggle Block.

  • Container Color
  • Title Color
  • Initial State (Collapsed or Not)

Here’s an overview of the block in the editor.

Content Toggle Block for Gutenberg
Settings Overview of Content Toggle Block for Gutenberg

Please Note: You must have Ultimate Blocks Plugin installed to use this block. Download Ultimate Blocks Plugin from

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