Version 2.4.2

December 2nd, 2020

  • ADD: Button – missing checkbox.
  • ADD: Content toggle – allow using percentage paddings.
  • FIX: HowTo – error with default values.
  • FIX: Review – prevent schema errors caused by unescaped inputs.
  • ADD: Review – option to toggle review summary visibility.
  • ADD: Review – option to enter decimal values in review offer price.
  • ADD: Star Rating – option to customize text color.
  • FIX: Star Rating – star alignment when used with Twenty Twenty-One theme.
  • FIX: Styled List – list icon display issue.
  • FIX: Tabbed Content – issue with pasting tab titles.
  • FIX: restore block deactivation script.
  • REMOVE: unused dashicon style import.

Version 2.4.1

October 27th, 2020

  • ADD: Review – enable using review schema with other itemTypes.
  • ADD: Tabbed Content – ARIA attributes.
  • ADD: Button – proper role as per ARIA specifications.
  • ADD: Button – enable marking Button block links as Sponsored.
  • ADD: Call to Action – enable marking button link as Sponsored.
  • ADD: Content Toggle – allow adding links to titles and customizing its color.
  • ADD: Content Toggle – ARIA attributes and ARIA-compatible roles.
  • ADD: Content Toggle – allow setting all content toggle panels as hidden in showOnlyOne mode.
  • ADD: Image Slider – update Swiper to version 6.3.
  • ADD: Image Slider – support for alt text in images.
  • ADD: Post Grid – allow customization of featured image size.
  • ADD: Styled Box – option to set custom colors to notification box.
  • FIX: Button – alignment issue.
  • FIX: Content Filter – issue with “match all” mode on multi-selection categories.
  • FIX: Content Filter – issue with “match any” mode on single-selection categories.
  • FIX: Content Filter – prevent untagged panels from showing up in multi-select mode.
  • FIX: How To – style issue.
  • FIX: How To – prevent HTML tags from messing up how-to schema code.
  • FIX: Post Grid – display of author name and publication date.
  • FIX: Review – offerPrice input.
  • FIX: Styled List – display of list icons in Safari.
  • FIX: Styled List – issue with resetting icon color.
  • FIX: Styled List – conflict with NewsMag theme.
  • FIX: Tabbed Content – issue with align width when it’s set.
  • FIX: Table of Contents – multipage links to headings when some of them are hidden or excluded
  • FIX: Other – detect if the plugin’s custom CSS file exists before deleting them

Version 2.4.0

September 4th, 2020

  • NEW: Styled Box – Allow setting Bordered Box background color.
  • NEW: Star Rating – Set default star color to #ffb901.
  • NEW: Styled Box – Increase Bordered Box default border thickness to 3.
  • NEW: Freemius SDK.
  • FIX: Button – Style reverse compatibility issue.
  • FIX: Button – Link inserter popover issue.
  • FIX: Button – Restore full-width button rendering.
  • FIX: Button – Restore top and bottom margins for the new version.
  • FIX: Content Toggle – Animation issue when only content toggle is active.
  • FIX: Styled Box – Reduce Notification Box margins.
  • FIX: Styled Box – Issue with adding text to Notification and Bordered box.
  • FIX: Styled List – Restore left margin.
  • FIX: Table of Contents – Animation issue caused by style conflict with GeneratePress.
  • FIX: Table of Contents – Prevent theme CSS from adding content to list items within Table of Contents.

Version 2.3.9

August 18th, 2020

  • NEW: Button – Enable use of multiple buttons within a single button block.
  • NEW: Image Slider – Replace Flickity with Swiper.
  • NEW: Image Slider – Add pagination types from Swiper: bullets (equivalent of Flickity’s page dots), fraction, progress bar.
  • NEW: Image Slider – Add transition modes from Swiper: slide (default), fade, cube, coverflow, flip.
  • NEW: Review – Ensure that the average rating uses dots as the decimal separator in the JSONLD code regardless of the user’s localization settings.
  • NEW: Star Rating – Allow star rating value to be adjusted through slider input.
  • NEW: Styled Box – Allow use of inner blocks in notification box mode.
  • NEW: Styled Box – Provide default values to numbers in number box mode.
  • NEW: Table of Contents – Allow customization of smooth scroll offset.
  • NEW: Table of Contents – Add support for Headline block from GenerateBlocks.
  • FIX: Content Filter – Use pointer cursor when hovering on filters in frontend.
  • FIX: Content Toggle – Prevent PHP error during FAQ schema code generation.
  • FIX: Content Toggle – Issues with clicking panels when “show only one panel at a time” is chosen.
  • FIX: Content Toggle – Flickering during animation of content toggle panel.
  • FIX: HowTo Schema – JSONLD code issue with adding list of tools
  • FIX: Post Grid – Issue with selecting multiple categories in newer Gutenberg versions.
  • FIX: Social Share – Display of custom icon color.
  • FIX: Star Rating – Star alignment.
  • FIX: Styled Box – Adjust top and bottom margins for number box and feature box modes.
  • FIX: Styled List – Compatibility issues with text indent functionality in new WordPress version.
  • FIX: Table of Contents – Load values of custom text and toggled headings when editing a saved instance.
  • FIX: Table of Contents – Animation issues.
  • FIX: Testimonial – Display of testimonial body font size in frontend.
  • FIX: FontAwesome icon rendering when multiple button/styled list instances are present.
  • FIX: Prevent duplication of existing block IDs
  • REMOVE: Review – aggregateRating from JSONLD code to give way for displaying review author when the page appears in search engines.
  • REMOVE: Styled List – Left margin.

Version 2.3.8

July 9th, 2020

  • FIX: Table of Contents – Headings Not Showing on Frontend.

Version 2.3.7

July 8th, 2020

  • NEW: Table of Contents – Add option to remove diacritics from generated anchor texts.
  • NEW: Table of Contents – Allow replacing heading text with custom text.
  • NEW: Table of Contents – Allow toggling visibility of individual headings.
  • NEW: Review – Enhance input of review star values.
  • NEW: Styled List – Allow transforming default list into Styled List.
  • NEW: Styled List – Allow adjusting space between items.
  • FIX: Styled List – Fix issue with Twenty Twenty theme.
  • FIX: Content Toggle – Adjust panel padding in editor.
  • FIX: HowTo Schema – Adjust bottom margin of images.
  • FIX: Image Slider – Bug that prevented input of links.
  • FIX: Image Slider – Adjust bottom margin.
  • FIX: Image Slider – Issue with image caption editing.
  • FIX: Styled Box – Adjust bottom margin to Bordered Box.
  • FIX: Styled Box – Adjust layout of style selection screen.
  • FIX: Tabbed Content – Style issue.
  • FIX: Tabbed Content – Anchor links to deeply-nested tabbed content blocks.
  • FIX: Table of Contents – Adjust space between title and toggle button.
  • REMOVE: Styled Box – Bottom margin from last paragraph within Bordered Box.

Version 2.3.6

May 26th, 2020

  • ADD: Option to Disable Some Units (Weeks, Days etc) in Countdown Block.
  • ADD: Allow Adding Captions to Step and Final Images in HowTo Block.
  • FIX: FAQ Schema JSON-LD Error in Content Toggle When Removing Duplicate Items.
  • FIX: Turning Social Share Into a Reusable Block.
  • FIX: Table of Contents Issue with Links to Headings in Other Pages.
  • FIX: Table of Contents Link Generation When a Heading is Used as an Inner Block.
  • FIX: Table of Contents Frontend Script Behavior When Third-party Heading Blocks are Present.
  • FIX: Prevent Having More Than One Dash in a Row in the Heading Anchors of Table of Contents.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Use figcaption Tag for Displaying Image Captions in Image Slider block.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Adjust location of image slider dots
  • REMOVE: Default Values for Block Attributes with Object Values in PHP.

Version 2.3.5

May 13th, 2020

  • ADD: Styled box – Bordered Box.
  • ADD: Allow Omitting Offer Expiration Date in Review Schema.
  • ADD: Use Image Captions as Slider Image Captions by Default.
  • ADD: Allow Customizing Tag Used for Post Grid Titles.
  • FIX: Prevent Duplicate FAQ Items From Being Added to Schema Code in Content Toggle.
  • FIX: Assignment of New Default Content Toggle Colors.
  • FIX: Issue With Styles Used in Toggle Functionality of Expand Block.
  • FIX: PHP Error Resulting From Loading of Dependent Script for Image Slider block.
  • FIX: Preserve Line Breaks and Tabs for Content of Tabbed Content Inner Blocks.
  • FIX: Prevent Replacement of Block IDs When Loading Saved Posts.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Updating of Attribute Values in Frontend of Review Block.

Version 2.3.4

May 4th, 2019

  • FIX: Frontend Animation Not Working When There’s No Indicator Icon in Content Toggle Block.
  • FIX: Preserve Old Color Settings For Title and Background Color in Content Toggle Block.
  • FIX: Frontend Script to Handle Nested Tabbed Content Instances.
  • FIX: Button Icon Position Right Not Working.
  • FIX: Delay Image Slider Resizing After Page Load to Fix Image Issue.
  • REMOVE: Unused Styles in Post Grid Block.

Version 2.3.1

April 3rd, 2019

  • ADD: Option to Display Panels That Match Either Any Filter or All Filters.
  • ADD: Allow Using FAQSchema on More than One block instance of Content Toggle.
  • ADD: Option for Customizing Content Toggle Icon, Color, and Location.
  • ADD: Option to Remove Panel Border in Content Toggle.
  • ADD: Option to Show Only One Content Toggle Tanel at a Time on Frontend. When one opens, other ones will close.
  • ADD: Option to Remove Content Toggle Collapse Icon.
  • ADD: Allow Scrolling of Tabs by Dragging.
  • ADD: Allow Switching to Different Display Modes in Different Screen Sizes for Tabbed Content.
  • ADD: Enable Adding Anchors to Tabs in Tabbed Content.
  • FIX: Display of Flexible Width Button.
  • FIX: Issue with Displaying Button Icon When Using Custom CSS in Click to Tweet Block.
  • FIX: Bug with Hidden Content Filter Panels.
  • FIX: Issue with Tabbed Content Titles in Twenty Twenty theme.
  • FIX: Prevent Refreshing When Clicking on Any Link Within the Table of Contents.
  • FIX: Adjust Scrolling to Account for Height of Fixed/Sticky Headers Whenever They’re Present.
  • FIX: Ensure Visibility of Embedded Content Within Content Filter, Content Toggle, Expand, and Tabbed Content Blocks.
  • FIX: Prevent Variable Naming Conflicts Involving Simple HTML DOM Parser.
  • FIX: Ensure that the Custom CSS files and Their Parent Folder are Deleted Upon Plugin Deactivation.
  • FIX: Updating the Custom CSS Whenever the Plugin is Updated.
  • UPDATE: FontAwesome to v5.13.

Version 2.3.0

March 31st, 2020

  • ADD: NEW BLOCK: HowTo Schema.
  • ADD: Support for Wide and Full Width alignment in Tabbed Content Block.
  • ADD: Support for third party heading blocks in Table of Contents Block.
  • ADD: Option to enable romanization of Cyrillic headers in Table of Contents Block.
  • ADD: Allow rearranging icons in Social Share Block.
  • ADD: Allow setting of custom icon color in Social Share Block.
  • FIX: Hide bullets during content tag filter selection in Content Filter Block with WP 5.4.
  • FIX: Ensure that frontend script runs whenever an image slider is in a page.
  • FIX: Style conflicts with Twenty Twenty theme.
  • REMOVE: Google Plus icon from Social Share Block

Version 2.2.1

February 12th, 2020

  • ADD: Option to add schema-exclusive attributes in Review block.
  • ADD: Table of Contentns anchor links work when page breaks are included in post.
  • FIX: Bottom margin issue in Image Slider.
  • FIX: Frontend script issues when Image Slider is nested within other blocks.
  • FIX: Image display issue when they are inside picture tags in Image Slider.
  • FIX: Frontend script error during panel height calculation in Content Toggle.
  • FIX: Average review rating display in editor in Review Block.
  • FIX: Post Grid error that comes up when PHP 7.4 is used.
  • REMOVE: Font size specification for Content Toggle title.
  • UPDATE: Translation .pot file.

Version 2.2.0

January 14th, 2020

  • ADD: Prevent Filter selection reset when only one filter is selected in Content Filter Block.
  • ADD: Allow customizing tag used for toggle title in Content Toggle (Accordion) Block.
  • ADD: Option for preventing panels from being toggled in Content Toggle Block.
  • ADD: Allow resizing of review image in Review Block.
  • FIX: Display issue when image slider is inside content filter, content toggle, expand, tabbed content.
  • FIX: Display issue when selecting inline images in Review Block.
  • FIX: Move image and description in review JSONLD to under itemReviewed for Review Block.
  • FIX: Alignment bug in Styled List Block.
  • FIX: Default Alignment in Editor for Table of Contents Block.
  • FIX: Frontend script bug when nested Tabbed Content Blocks are present.
  • FIX: Default frontend alignment for Table of Contents block.
  • FIX: Block Manager bug.
  • FIX: PHP errors when CSS files are absent in uploads folder.
  • REMOVE: Unused FontAwesome CSS in Styled List Block.

Version 2.1.9

December 12th, 2019

  • ADD: CSS File generation for only active only blocks.
  • ADD: Option to Change List Alignment in Styled List block.
  • FIX: Content Toggle Block issue – line breaks not preserving on the frontend.
  • FIX: Ensure boolean values for boolean Post Grid attributes.
  • UPDATE: FontAwesome to version 5.11.

Version 2.1.8

November 29th, 2019

  • ADD: Custom class name option in Expand block.
  • ADD: Image and Description inputs for Review block. Adding these will minimize warnings in Console for the Schema.
  • ADD: Filtering HTML tags from summary, author name and item name in generated Schema to prevent errors.
  • ADD: Editing of Content Toggle panel attributes from any of the child panels.
  • FIX: Content filter frontend script not loading correctly.
  • FIX: Compatibility issues with CodeMirror block in Content Toggle Block.
  • FIX: Double quotes from interfering with generated schema in Content Toggle Block.
  • FIX: Minimum height issue in smaller screen for Image Slider.
  • FIX: Average star value display in Review block.
  • FIX: Issue in Tabbed Content title editing. Now you can edit them easily.
  • FIX: PHP error in 404 pages.
  • FIX: URL input box from automatically getting focus when a block containing one is selected.
  • CHANGE: Removed aggregateRating and added review author property to Review Schema.
  • CHANGE: Display pointer when mouse hovers on button in Review block.

Version 2.1.7

November 5th, 2019

  • FIX: Category filtering not working in Post Grid block.
  • FIX: Rendering of preformatted blocks inside content toggle panels.
  • FIX: Image slider height responsiveness issue.
  • FIX: Styled List item bullet issue on frontend.
  • FIX: Table of Contents animation issues.
  • FIX: Missing attribute in expand block frontend code.
  • FIX: PHP errors in Table of Contents when there are no headings.
  • CHANGE: Ultimate Blocks menu page position.

Version 2.1.6

October 24th, 2019

  • NEW: Post Grid Block.
  • NEW: Vertical Tabs in Tabbed Content Block.
  • NEW: Option to Resize Styled List Icon.
  • NEW: Option to Use Heading or Paragraph tag for Call to Action Headline.
  • NEW: Option to Disable Review Schema.
  • NEW: Option to Change Star Outline Color in Review.
  • NEW: Option to Choose Width for Button – Fixed, Flexible, Full.
  • FIX: Review Schema Error in Search Console.
  • FIX: Table of Content Collapsing Animation Issues.
  • FIX: Content Toggle Assets Not Loading.
  • FIX: Alignment of Buttons in Image Slider’s Initial Display.
  • FIX: Style of Dropdown Menu in Progress Bar Block Toolbar.
  • FIX: PHP Errors Caused By Undefined Block Attributes.
  • FIX: JavaScript not Loading for Reusable Blocks.
  • FIX: Leading Ones in Countdown when JS is disabled.
  • FIX: Expand Block Style.
  • FIX: Table of Contents Indentation in Editor.
  • FIX: Issue with Reusable Blocks in WordPress 5.3 and Gutenberg Plugin.
  • FIX: Responsive issues in Call to Action, Testimonial, Click to Tweet, Content Toggle, Countdown and Tabbed Content.
  • REMOVE: Unused Data Attribute in Content Filter Block.
  • REMOVE: Some Unnecessary CSS.

Version 2.1.5

September 30th, 2019

  • NEW: Styled Box Block.
  • NEW: Styled List Block.
  • NEW: Expand Block.
  • NEW: Option to hide Content Filter entries until any filter is selected.
  • FIX: Error in Content Toggle FAQSchema involving link URLs.
  • FIX: Convert JSON attribute in Image Slider and Review block to non-JSON versions.
  • FIX: Adding nofollow in Call to Action’s button.
  • FIX: Frontend icon display in Content Toggle and Tabbed Content.
  • DEPRECATE: Notification Box block, added as a template for Styled Box Block.
  • DEPRECATE: Number Box block, added as a template for Styled Box Block.
  • DEPRECATE: Feature Box block, added as a template for Styled Box Block.

Version 2.1.4

September 9th, 2019

  • ADD: Review Block pptions to show/hide call to action button, adding nofollow to button link, and opening link on another tab.
  • ADD: Option to adjust tab title alignment in Tabbed Content Block.
  • ADD: Option to adjust tab alignment in Tabbed Content Block.
  • FIX: Frontend script compatibility issues with IE11.
  • FIX: Bug that prevented new Content Toggle instances from being added.
  • FIX: Bug that prevented generation of Schema markup in Content Toggle.
  • FIX: Conflict with clickthrough feature from Gutenberg Plugin version 5.9.
  • FIX: Set initial selection value to blank in Image Slider image selection.
  • FIX: Hide call to action button on frontend when URL is not specified in Review Block.
  • FIX: Edit heading data in Table of Contents only when the headers themselves are updated.
  • FIX: Issue with accented characters in heading names in Table of Contents Block.
  • FIX: Include headings inside other blocks when generating Table of Contents.
  • FIX: Heading sort functionality that prevented some headings from being displayed in the Table of Content list.
  • REMOVE: unnecessary dependancies from Image Slider frontend script.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Table of Content design when it’s shown or hidden.

Version 2.1.3

August 27th, 2019

  • FIX: Class name conflict with another plugin that breaks the dashboard.

Version 2.1.2

August 23rd, 2019

  • ADD: FAQ Schema in Content Toggle (Accordion) Block.
  • ADD: Smooth scrolling for Table of Contents.
  • ADD: Scroll buttons to improve tab navigation in Tabbed Content.
  • FIX: Infinite loop while parsing existing headings in Table of Contents.
  • FIX: Trim all whitespace from headings in Table of Contents.
  • FIX: Front-end toggle button caption display in Table of Contents.
  • FIX: Rendering icons when more than one Button Block has one icon set.
  • FIX: Bugs that prevented old Button and Review blocks from loading in WordPress 5.1 and older.
  • FIX: Content Toggle and Tabbed Content front-end scripts compatibility with Edge.
  • FIX: Override theme CSS for star color in Star Rating Block.
  • FIX: Override theme CSS for button link underlines in Button and Call to Action Block.
  • FIX: Black outline in Notification Box Block.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Toggle events in Content Toggle and Table of Contents.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Move front-end Javascript to separate files for Countdown Block.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Remove most of inline CSS for new blocks.

Version 2.1.1

July 24th, 2019

  • NEW: Allow star rating to accept half-star values.
  • FIX: Conflict with Table of Contents Plus plugin.
  • FIX: Table of Contents rendering of plain style.
  • FIX: Hide block contents when “Initially Show Table of Contents” is disabled.
  • FIX: Heading styles included in Table of Contents.
  • FIX: Issues with “Open link in new tab” and “Add nofollow” settings.
  • FIX: Bugs in frontend scripts of Table of Content and Button
  • FIX: Frontend script’s search for hidden ancestor elements in Content Toggle.
  • FIX: Content Toggle not working on Safari.
  • FIX: Adding custom class names for all blocks.

Version 2.1.0

July 17th, 2019

  • IMPROVE: Rendering of all blocks.
  • FIX: CSS not loading when block is used as a reusable block.
  • FIX: Display of nested Content Toggle and Tabbed Content blocks.
  • FIX: Display of multiple Table of Contents instances.
  • FIX: Frontend display of icon in button.
  • FIX: Issue with removing content toggle panels.
  • FIX: Frontend JS/CSS compatibility issues with blocks from previous versions.
  • FIX: Add Image button alignment on image slider.
  • FIX: Front-end script conflict between Table of Contents and Content Filter.
  • FIX: Issue with Table of Contents header anchors when headers are added, removed, or edited.
  • ADD: Support for Rank Math Table of Contents plugins list.

Version 2.0.0

June 10th, 2019

  • NEW: Content Filter Block 🔥
  • NEW: Button icons.
  • NEW: Ghost/Transparent Button style.
  • NEW: Button hover color settings.
  • NEW: Button link settings – open in a new tab and nofollow.
  • NEW: Option to add multiple Table of Contents in one post.
  • NEW: Star rating alignment options.
  • NEW: Select stars for star rating directly in the editor.
  • NEW: Option to add multiple Click to Tweet blocks.
  • FIX: HTML tags within heading tags from being parsed.
  • FIX: Table of Contents scrolling issue when sticky headers are present.
  • FIX: Testimonial image delete button placement.
  • FIX: Missing deprecation code for Content Toggle panel.
  • FIX: Blocks missing style inside reusable blocks.

Version 1.1.9

May 10th, 2019

  • FIX: Bug that prevented adding panels to Content Toggle in WordPress 5.2.
  • FIX: Issue with conversion of old data from Content Toggle and Tabbed Content in WordPress 5.2.
  • FIX: Countdown block refreshing issue on the front-end when in regular mode.

Version 1.1.8

April 23rd, 2019

  • NEW – List style for Table of Contents (Bulleted, Numbered and Plain).
  • NEW – Nested Blocks support in Tabbed Content.
  • NEW – Nested Blocks support for Content Toggle (Accordion).
  • FIX – Click to Tweet including HTML tag issue.
  • FIX – Table of Contents Compatibility issue with older versions.

Version 1.1.7

March 31st, 2019

  • IMPROVE: Loading Assets conditionally for better performance.

Version 1.1.6

March 27th, 2019

  • FIX: Forcing one column for Table of Contents on smaller screens.
  • FIX: Prevent Show/Hide button from taking focus away from Table of Contents.

Version 1.1.5

March 22nd, 2019

  • NEW: Option to choose which tags (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6) to include/exclude in Table of Contents block.
  • NEW: Option to toggle Show/Hide for Table of Contents block.
  • NEW: Option to split the table of contents in two, three columns.
  • NEW: Formatting and alignment options for Button, Call to Action, Content Toggle, Countdown, Feature Box, Number Box, Progress Bar, Review, Star Rating, and Testimonial block.
  • ADD: Missing Translation for Click to Tweet and Countdown block.

Version 1.1.4

February 28th, 2019

  • NEW: Image Slider Block.
  • NEW: Support for Unicode character anchors in Table of Contents Block.
  • FIX: Dashboard background color issue.
  • FIX: Link issues on Button, Call to Action, Review Block.

Version 1.1.3

January 29th, 2019

  • NEW: Review Block (Schema Markup Enabled).
  • NEW: Countdown Block.
  • FIX: Image Change issue in Feature Box Block and Testimonial Block.
  • FIX: Rendering issue in Table of Contents Block.
  • UPDATE: Other minor Improvements.
  • NOTE: v1.1.3 is not backward compatible with lower versions, upgrading can weird out some of your existing blocks. If that happens, you’ll need to redo some of your blocks.
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