Table of Contents Block

Ultimate Blocks plugin comes with a Table of Contents block for Gutenberg Editor. Table of Contents block lets you add a table of contents created from the headings available in the post or page. Below you can see a table of contents created with Ultimate Blocks.

Table of Contents Block Demo

Below you can see a table of contents created from the headings of the page. You can click on any of the items from the list to go to that particular heading.

The hierarchy of the headings is used to determine the nesting of the items.

Table of Contents Block Settings

As soon as you start adding headings, the block gets updated and creates the list.

  • You can choose to exclude headings from the table of contents if you want.
  • You can enable Show/Hide toggle for user. You can choose whether to initially show or hide the table of contents
  • You can also split the table of contents in two or three columns. That’s useful when the table of contents become long.
  • You can choose list style for the table of contents list. Three options – Bulleted, Numbered and Plain Style.

You can see the list being generated as you add new headings.

Additional Heading for The Demo

This heading was added just to show you how the block works and looks like. Click on it on the list to scroll to this heading.

Please Note: You must have Ultimate Blocks Plugin installed to use this block. Download Ultimate Blocks Plugin from

List of Other Blocks Available in Ultimate Block

Here’s a list of other blocks available in Ultimate Blocks

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