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Ultimate Blocks is an all-in-one solution that will help you create better and engaging content. We’ve created Ultimate Blocks to help WordPress website owners to make their content shine.

50,000+ Active Installs

More than 50,000 websites use Ultimate Blocks to make their content shine.

500+ 5-Star Ratings

More than 500 users gave us 5-star ratings, that made our average ratings 4.9 out of 5 stars.


“My go-to blocks plugin!”

There are plenty of blocks plugins out there but the team behind this plugin are very responsive and do a great job improving it.

For example, I noticed a minor issue with a block and it was fixed immediately. I also like that it’s focused on the needs of bloggers and content creators.

So far, it’s the only plugin I’ve found with a content filtering block. And it’s rare to see a review block in these types of plugins. Very cool.

Ultimate Blocks is one of my favourite plugins for Gutenberg. I install it on every site I build.”

Adam Connell

Founder, Blogging Wizard

Meet Our Awesome Team

Istiak Rayhan

Product Manager

Imtiaz Rayhan

WordPress Developer

Aarif Abdullah

Creative Designer

Zahin Azmayeen

WordPress Developer

Ankur Raz Bongshi

Content Marketer

Uzzal Raz Bongshi

Content Marketer

Kazi Ayesha Rahman

Content Marketer

Samira Islam

Content Marketer

Erdem Bircan

WordPress Developer

Farhan Shafi

WordPress Developer

Iftikhar Mahmood

Content Marketer

Moinul Islam

Content Marketer

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