About (Our Story)

In 2012, we began our journey in the blogging world with RoadToBlogging.com, a blog that gained some recognition. However, our focus has shifted over the years, and we are now primarily dedicated to developing WordPress plugins and themes.

Back then, the Classic Editor was the default WordPress Editor. Unfortunately, it didn’t provide enough options to create visually captivating and appealing blog posts. As a result, we started using a page builder to design our blog posts. Although it was working great, it consumed a significant amount of time.

In 2018, WordPress introduced the Block Editor, which caught the attention of Imtiaz Rayhan. He was one of the early adopters of the Block Editor. He was so excited about the Editor that he built the first version of Ultimate Blocks even before the official launch of the Block Editor.

I (Istiak Rayhan) was initially skeptical about the Block Editor, but I soon realized its potential and became enthusiastic about it. Eventually, I decided to join forces with Imtiaz, and we established a small company called DotCamp.

Unlike other block plugins, our primary focus is to assist WordPress users, particularly bloggers and content creators, build better and more aesthetically pleasing content using the Block Editor. We have developed a range of blocks tailored to suit their specific needs to achieve this.

Today, we are a team of ten individuals working together to help you create beautiful and engaging content. Our goal is to empower WordPress users with the tools they need to make their content shine.

A part of our team at WordCamp Sylhet.