Divider Block For Gutenberg

Ultimate Blocks has a divider block that you can use to add between your blocks to make them more distinguishable.

Although by default Gutenberg has a separator block, we wanted to have something that has more options. So we created a Divider block.

Divider Block Demo

Here’s some example of divider block.

Above you can see a red colored divider and below there’s a blue colored divider.

This is also thicker than the previous one.

Settings For Divider Block

Divider block comes with the following settings:

  • Thickness – lets you set the thickness for the divider.
  • Height – the height between divider and other blocks.
  • Color – set the color of the divider.

Here’s a screenshot of the block along in the editor along with the settings.

Please Note: You must have Ultimate Blocks Plugin installed to use this block. Download Ultimate Blocks Plugin from WP.org

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