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I want Blogging tools that help with:
Editing & Proofreading
Image Editing
I want tools that are:

Google Docs

I have tried many apps to write my posts, like Microsoft Word and WordPress Editor, yet I always go back to Google Docs.


Another online word processor that is similar to Google Docs created specifically for creative writers.

IA Writer

With the focus mode in it, you won’t find anything to distract you. This option even allows you to focus on a sentence or a paragraph so that you don’t lose focus on other paragraphs.


After you are done with writing, all the editing features in normal writing processors are barely enough to correct basic grammar and spelling mistakes, and that is where Grammarly comes in.

Hemingway App

Hemingway App is another editor that focuses mainly on making your writing clear by discarding nonsense sentences in your writing.


Another editing tool like Grammarly that has more editing features than normal writing processors.

It is similar to Grammarly, and you don’t need to use both


Todoist is awesome. Before using it, I’ve tried many to-do list apps. But this is the only one that I can stick with.


Trello is an interesting project management tool that helps you group tasks and share them with your team members in an easy and simple way.

Strict Workflow

Do you lose focus when you start writing? You open YouTube or start scrolling your social media newsfeed, and next thing you know, you’ve wasted precious time already!


Noisli is a music online tool which you can stream in the background to help improve your productivity.


Adding images is essential to make your post more scannable and to illustrate your writing.


Getting high-quality and royalty-free images to insert in your post nowadays is kind of a hassle.


Do you want to create an image but just blindly hate Photoshop or don’t want to pay the fees? And do you want a tool that is plain and simple to use to get things done quickly?

Then Canva is the tool you need.

CoSchedule Headline Optimizer

Eight out of 10 people read a post because of its headline. Screw it, and everything you do is nearly useless.

That is where CoSchedule headline optimizer comes in.

Thrive Headline Optimizer

You already know how important headlines are. Now the question is, how do you know if you wrote the best headline?

Even if you optimize it with CoSchedule, you don’t know if you chose the right one or not.

That where Thrive Headline Optimizer comes handy.

HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator

Getting stuck in generating blog post ideas is common.

Use this tool whenever you want, and it’ll take you seconds to come up with multiple ideas at once. Just enter 3 keywords related to your topics, press the orange button and you are done.

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