Button (Improved) Block

The Button (Improved) Block for WordPress lets you add beautiful buttons to your WordPress posts and pages. It comes with a lot of customization.

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Button Block Demo

Here are four different buttons created with this block. From top to bottom, they are sized as -small, medium, large and extra large.

You can also set their alignment – Left, Center or Right

How To Use This Button Block

To use this block, you must have Ultimate Blocks plugin installed.

You can add the block in your post in two ways.

First way is to use the + sign to add a new block. Then search for ‘Button’ and click on it to add it to your post. Or you can scroll down to ‘Ultimate Blocks’ section and add button from there.

Second way is to use the forward slash method. When you press ‘Enter’ key you will go to a new block in the editor. Insert a forward slash there and start writing ‘Button’. You will see the Button block in the list. Click on it to add it to your post.

Once you have added the Button block in your post, click on it. On the right sidebar, you will see the options to customize the button size, style, colors.

Click on ‘Button Text’ to add the button text. Then use the box below the button to add an URL.

From the right side bar you can set colors, size, style. To set button alignment click on the little icons just above the button. You can select left, center or right.

That’s it. You’re done.

Please Note: You must have Ultimate Blocks Plugin installed to use this block. Download Ultimate Blocks Plugin from WP.org

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