7 Best WordPress Voting Plugins (Free & Pro)

A voting plugin is a tool or software that allows website owners to arrange online polls and voting contests. Visitors can express their opinions and satisfaction level by casting votes on specific content, products, and ideas.

Not that voting plugins are useful only for organizing contests between separate parties. They can be an excellent way to gather customer and user feedback to identify potential areas for improvement. 

Accordingly, you can optimize your offering and content strategies. Thus, you can boost engagement and interaction with target audiences. This article will introduce you to some of the best WordPress voting plugins, explaining their key features.

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1. WP Poll Maker

WP Poll Maker is an awesome poll and voting contest plugin, coming with 100+ exciting features, multiple templates, and addons. The plugin has many advanced technologies, like IP-based voting, device detection, cookies, and VPN detection.

All these advanced technologies help you ensure the integrity of your voting process and prevent all kinds of manipulation. You may allow one or multiple voting opportunities per user, including commenting.

WP Poll Maker generates a shortcode for each contest you create. You can easily copy-paste them anywhere on your posts and pages. The plugin even allows you to display multiple polls and contests on the same post and page.

Key features of the WP Poll Maker plugin

  • An intuitive interface to create polls and contests in minutes
  • In List style and Grid view to show voting contest
  • Set the end time for the poll and voting contests 
  • Customize the color to align the contest with your website’s branding
  • hCaptcha integration to prevent spam and bot voters
  • Allows to share the contest via Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms
  • Integration with Google Analytics tracks voters’ voting event
  • Responsive and customizable templates for different devices
  • Allows one-time password-based voting through SMS, email, and WhatsApp

2. Poll Maker

Poll Maker is another feature-rich WordPress plugin to create engaging voting contests. It offers you five poll types to choose from with advanced settings and dozens of style options. It currently includes seven pre-built templates, and more to join in the coming days.

Once your poll is ready, a shortcode will be generated like the above plugin. Copy and paste it to the post/page you want. You may show the poll results in real time. But if there is any sensitive contest, you can arrange password-protected polls.

Poll Maker has integrations with numerous tools to simplify tracking and communication. You can gather more information about the vote attendees by enabling the information form.

Key features of the Poll Maker plugin

  • Seven types of polls (choosing, rating, voting, dropdown, range, VS, and text)
  • Easy to share on social media platforms
  • Displays results in various chart formats
  • Allows robust customization of coloring
  • Integrations with MailChimp, Zapier, Slack, SendGrid, and more
  • Schedule polls to end at a particular time
  • Various detection methods (by IP, user ID, and cookie)
  • Easy to categorize polls

3. Poll, Survey & Quiz Maker

Poll, Survey & Quiz Maker allows you to create five types of online voting: Poll, Survey, Trivia Quiz, Personality Quiz, and Standard Form. Each of these types comes with dozens of captivating templates, so you don’t have to work from scratch.

Poll, Survey & Quiz Maker doesn’t depend on shortcodes. The plugin creates a separate block for each voting type. You can insert the respective voting type to your web posts and pages using the Gutenberg editor.

Not only photos. You can also display video content using the plugin. Poll, Survey & Quiz Maker integrates with all the top email and marketing services.

Key features of the Poll, Survey & Quiz Maker plugin

  • White-labeling options let you add your own logo
  • Customization allows you to align the design to your web branding
  • Advanced analytics provide detailed reports about poll performances
  • Integrations with HubSpot, MailChimp, Zapier, WebHook, and else
  • Popup polls, quizzes, and surveys when users enter/exit the page
  • Support 42 languages so far
  • Notifies through email when any entry is submitted

4. YOP Poll

The YOP Poll plugin is best suited for creating polls and surveys. It has one of the easiest navigation systems. YOP Poll comes with two mother templates. Each one has again various sub-templates with coloful stylizations.

If you don’t love the default ones, no worries. You can customize the fonts and colors of different sections of the template. The YOP Poll has a separate section named Bans, where you can ban suspicious users by their IPS, emails, and usernames.

Once your polls and survey forms are ready, you can add them to your posts/pages using shortcodes.

Standout features of the YOP Poll plugin

  • Schedule polls to start and end on specific dates
  • Easy to create, edit, clone, and delete polls from the dashboard
  • Lets users put answers alongside voting, which you can order and reorder
  • Display vote results in numbers, percentages, or both
  • Custom fields to collect more information about users
  • Allows users to vote from social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and else)
  • Set or limit voters’ permissions and access 

5. Rating-Widget: Star Review System

This is the most popular voting plugin in this article, with 750+ positive ratings. This is a versatile rating plugin which you can use on various web elements, like posts, pages, comments, WooCommerce products, BuddyPress, and bbPress forums.

Integrating the rating system into the comment section will let customers certify which comments are so helpful. Analytics with the plugin provides real-time reports on user engagement. Schema with the plugin helps your contests feature on Google rich snippet.

Key features of the Rating-Widget plugin

  • Allows unlimited thumb and start ratings
  • Integrations with numerous platforms
  • Numerous addons are available to increase its functionalities
  • Supports transitions in 40 languages
  • Has a support forum for additional help and assistance 
  • Identifies visitors by IPs, locations, and social identities
  • Let you configure mobile settings

6. YASR – Yet Another Star Rating

YASR has the largest active users among all the plugins in this article. It seamlessly works with Gutenberg and page builder plugins. You can also add the rating functionality to every post and custom post type.

You can also display ratings using shortcodes to your preferred posts and pages. YASR incorporates schema markup. Its popular schemas include books, courses, events, episodes, games, movies, music playlists, products, and recipes. 

These schemas can improve your SEO score and the ranking of your content on search engines. You can export all the ratings using a CSV file.

Key features of the YASR plugin

  • Custom icons to replace the default star rating icons
  • Allows migration from WP-PostRatings, KK Star Ratings, Rate My Post, and Multi-Rating plugins
  • Helps you find top-rated content based on the star ratings
  • Supports translation using WPML, Loco Translate, and Polylang
  • Allows anonymous ratings

7. Like Button Rating

The Like Button Rating plugin specializes in adding colorful like buttons to your web sections. If users love your content, they can simply press the like button. On the contrary, if they aren’t satisfied, they can hit the dislike button.

The plugin integrates with the Google Rich Snippets feature. This allows your web content to display a five-star rating in Google search results.

Key features of the Like Button Rating plugin

  • Tracks voters by IP, devices, and cookies
  • Customizable like and dislike button texts
  • Real-time reports on user engagements
  • Easy to filter the most-liked content
  • Compatible with various caching plugins for optimal performances


Hope you have found this article helpful in exploring voting plugins. However, there are several things you must care about. Whatever the plugin you choose, make sure a user-friendly interface so users can easily cast their votes and ratings.

Ensure security mechanisms to prevent fraudulent activities by blocking spam and bot users. Plus, monitor and analyze the voting performance regularly to track if there are any suspicious activities so you can stop them instantly.

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