Bluehost Free Trial: Get 30-Day Free Trial of Hosting!

Are you looking for Bluehost free trial? Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

In this article, I’ll guide you step-by-step on how to get Bluehost’s free trial and use their hosting service for free without paying anything. 

Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting providers out there and is also one of the few hosting services that WordPress recommends. 

With over 2 million users, it’s safe to say that Bluehost is one of the best options out there if you’re in search of a hosting provider. 

They have a wide range of hosting solutions such as shared hosting, managed hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, eCommerce hosting, and more. 

While Bluehost has very affordable plans, they also offer a free 30-day trial that lets you try out their hosting without becoming a paying customer. 

Let’s take a look at how you can get the Bluehost free trial. 

How to Get Bluehost Free Trial 

Bluehost offers a free 30-day trial to users who buy a domain name from Bluehost. 

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to get this free Bluehost trial: 

Step 1. Head over to the Bluehost website using this link

Step 2. On this page, enter the domain name you wish to purchase for your website and click on the Search button. 

Step 3. If your domain is available, it’ll be automatically added to the cart. Click on the Proceed button. 

Step 4. Now, you have to enter your billing information which includes your name, address, email, country, and payment details. Once you’ve entered your billing information, click on the Purchase button to buy your domain. 

Step 5. Once you’ve purchased your domain, choose the hosting plan you wish to use for your website. You can get a 30-day free trial from Bluehost where you can test out their hosting services. 

If you’re required to pay for Bluehost hosting, you can also use their 30-day money-back guarantee which essentially lets you use their hosting for free for 30 days. 

That’s how you can get the Bluehost free trial for 30 days allowing you to use their hosting for free and test whether it’s worth your money. 

Granted, you’d have to purchase your domain from Bluehost but it’s worth the money since Bluehost never disappoints when it comes to its hosting services. 


So, that’s all about the Bluehost free trial and how you can avail 30 days of free hosting from Bluehost. 

Bluehost is one of the best hosting providers out there and if you’re starting a new website with little to no traffic, it’s the perfect choice of host for you. 

With affordable pricing and quality service, you can use Bluehost without any issues or worries. 

If you have any questions about the Bluehost free trial, feel free to drop your comments below. I’d love to help you out and answer all your questions.

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