How To Change Or Remove ‘Howdy Admin’ In WordPress (In Seconds)

remove 'Howdy admin'

Are you looking for a way to change or remove ‘Howdy admin’ greeting from your dashboard? Most of the people don’t use this greeting in the real life. You might want to remove or change the greeting to something that you generally use. 

In this post, I am going to share with you the process to change or remove ‘Howdy admin’ greeting. After reading the post you will be able to change or remove it by yourself. 

Let’s begin then. 

Why To Change Or Remove ‘Howdy Admin’?

Whenever you log into your website your dashboard greets you with ‘Howdy’. For example, if your name is Uzzal, you will see ‘Howdy, Uzzal’ at the top right of your screen. 

This ‘Howdy’ means ‘How do you do?’ It may sound outdated or annoying to you. Luckily you can change this greeting or remove ‘Howdy’ fully. To change or remove ‘Howdy’ from your dashboard you are going to need a plugin. 

In the below, I am describing the full details. 

Change ‘Howdy Admin’ Easily

At first, you have to install Absolutely Glamorous Custom Admin plugin from the WordPress plugins directory. 

Now navigate to Tools -> AGCA from the dashboard. Toggle to Admin Bar and scroll a bit below. 

At here look for ‘Change Howdy text’ and write your desired text. 

Don’t forget to hit Save Changes button after writing the text. 

Now your Howdy text is changed. 

Remove Howdy Text

Removing is easier than changing the howdy text. All you have to do is install and activate Remove Howdy plugin. 

Thats all, now your ‘Howdy’ text is removed. 


Did you changed or removed ‘Howdy admin’ from your wordpress dashboard? Well if you didn’t, do it now. If you face any problem, I am here to help you. 

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