5 Best Image Hotspot WordPress Plugins (Free & Paid)

Have you ever wished your website could speak to your visitors in a language beyond words? Imagine having the power to turn static images into interactive experiences, guiding your audience through your content effortlessly.

With image hotspot plugins, you can create a website where visitors are active participants, not just passive observers. You’ll be able to weave stories, highlight details, and guide your visitors on a journey they will remember. 

Let’s take a look at the 5 best image hotspot WordPress plugins to help you transform your digital space into an interactive masterpiece!


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1. Image Hotspot

Image Hotspot plugins for WordPress offer many customization options that can transform your website into an interactive visual experience. 

It seamlessly integrates with posts, pages, and the latest themes, making it suitable for various elements of your website. You can captivate your audience by replacing static image content with interactive hotspots. Users can trigger popovers by simply hovering over or clicking on specific areas of an image, providing a dynamic and immersive experience.

It can also unlimited shortcodes and apply custom CSS. This level of control enables you to fine-tune the design to your exact specifications, ensuring your website stands out from the crowd.

Moreover, this plugin enables you to convey information visually. You can use it to create interactive assessments, showcase products, or present data in a captivating way. By allowing users to reveal content such as text, images, videos, or links through mouse interactions, Image Map Hotspot takes your content to the next level.

Here are some of its key highlights: 

  • Interactive hotspots for engaging user experiences
  • Customization options for icons, fonts, and styles
  • Seamless compatibility with various website elements
  • Conversion and engagement optimization
  • Responsive design for all devices
  • Unlimited shortcodes and custom CSS control

Aside from a free version, the Image Map Hotspot plugin offers a lifetime license for one site at just $26.99.

2. Image Hotspot Block by Getwid

The Image Hotspot Block plugin for WordPress is a groundbreaking addition to the Gutenberg library, offering an innovative way to enhance visual content. This unique plugin empowers you to add unlimited animated markers to your images, each complemented by fully customizable tooltips. 

It gives you complete control, from choosing tooltip icons to defining background colors. Plus, the option for active tooltips by default ensures instant engagement, making your content more informative and captivating.

The plugin also introduces the Site Menu feature, providing consistent and user-friendly navigation across your website. This handy menu on every page offers a convenient set of links, making it a breeze for users to explore your blog, portfolio, or e-commerce store. 

With Image Hotspot Block, watch your static visuals come to life, engaging and informing your audience like never before.

Here are some of its key highlights: 

  • Animated markers with customizable tooltips
  • Complete tooltip customization
  • Seamless Gutenberg integration
  • User-friendly and accessible
  • Enhanced user experience with Site Menu
  • Versatile for various website types
  • Dynamic content delivery

The Image Hotspot Block plugin is free, offered as a part of the popular Getwid – Gutenberg Blocks.

3. WordPress Tooltips Ultimate & Image Hotspot

The WordPress Tooltips Ultimate & Image Hotspot plugin is valuable for anyone looking to improve their website’s user and content experience.

You can effortlessly add informative tooltips within your page or post content using the intuitive WYSIWYG button integrated into the tinyMCE editor. Whether you want to guide users or provide clarification, you can strategically place tooltips anywhere on your website, from menus to images—and even within the backend administration panel.

The plugin lets you effortlessly customize tooltip styles, anchors, and animations, and it offers a wide array of Google Fonts to enhance your typography. Additionally, you can create various tooltip types to suit your content needs, such as informative text or image tooltips.

It lets you engage your audience with dynamic modal and video tooltips, making your content even more engaging and interactive.

Here are some of its key highlights: 

  • Customize tooltip styles, anchors, and animations
  • Access a wide array of Google Fonts for typography enhancement
  • Create various tooltip types, including text and image tooltips
  • Engage your audience with dynamic modal and video tooltips
  • Achieve precise tooltip placement with multiple positioning options
  • Seamlessly integrate with popular page builders

The WordPress Tooltips Ultimate & Image Hotspot plugin costs $24 for a regular license.

4. Image Map HotSpot with Lightbox

With the Image Map HotSpot for WordPress plugin, you can take your website’s images to the next level and make them interactive.

The plugin offers live previews and draggable icons for precise placement. You can choose from four popover directions to seamlessly integrate hotspots into your design. Also, you can add multiple hotspots to the same image for limitless image enhancements.

Image Map HotSpot is responsive and up-to-date with the latest jQuery and WordPress versions. Its hotspot icons can be animated with pulse effects, adding a touch of dynamism to your images. Additionally, the plugin supports Lightbox functionality, enabling users to open YouTube or Vimeo Lightboxes, or showcase Google Maps directly from hotspot icons.

Here are some of its key highlights: 

  • Add tooltips and annotations to images effortlessly
  • Choose click or mouseover triggers for popovers
  • Easily edit HotSpot positions with drag-and-drop
  • Animate hotspot icons with pulse effects
  • Ensure responsive design for all screen sizes
  • Support for Lightbox with YouTube, Vimeo, images, and Google Maps

The Image Map HotSpot for WordPress plugin offers a Regular License at $22, allowing use in a single end product without charges to end users.

5. WP VR

Imagine taking your website’s visitors on an unforgettable journey through your shops, hotels, and exhibitions, all from the comfort of their screens. As a leading virtual tour creator and 360 panorama viewer for WordPress, WP VR brings your physical spaces into the digital realm.

With WP VR, you become the master of creating immersive virtual tours. In just a few minutes, you can craft a simple tour to captivate your audience. It offers video tutorials, detailed documentation, and helpful virtual tour creation guides to help you create the best tours possible.

WP VR seamlessly integrates with your WordPress theme or page builder, allowing you to publish your virtual tours exactly as you envision them. It even offers dedicated support for popular page builders, allowing you to fine-tune your tour’s height, width, and layout. 

When it comes to delivering information, WPVR’s interactive hotspots are your go-to feature. Whether you want to share text, images, URLs, or buttons, they offer engaging on-hover and on-click actions, complete with a wide range of icons and animations.

Here are some of its key highlights: 

  • Create immersive virtual tours with ease
  • User-friendly interface for quick tour creation
  • Comprehensive support and guidance
  • Universal compatibility with themes and page builders
  • Integration with popular page builders
  • Seamlessly connect multiple panorama images
  • Engage with interactive hotspots

Aside from its free version, WP VR offers a Starter plan at $79.99 per year, which you can use on a single site.


Whether you’re a seasoned web designer or just starting your online adventure, image hotspot plugins offer boundless creative possibilities. They turn static images into portals that guide your visitors through stories, details, and engaging content.

As you embark on this creative endeavor, remember that the magic lies in your hands. With these plugins, you can make your website a dynamic and immersive wonderland, inviting your audience to explore, engage, and stay spellbound. Are you ready to paint your digital masterpiece?

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase using any of these links, we will earn a commission without any extra cost to you. Thanks for your support.

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