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What are the extra features in the Pro version?

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The description of the benefits of the Pro version says, “Unleash the of Blocks with more functionalities and enhancements.”

I’m interested in upgrading, but I would like to know what those functionalities and enhancements are first. Is there anywhere that information is available?

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Here are the benefits of the Pro version: 

  • Allows you to save presets and use them later. 
  • Two pro blocks – Timeline and Coupon 
  • More functionalities on the free blocks (Like we have ‘Pros and Cons’ option for the Review block, ‘Search’ option for the ‘Content Toggle’ block, ‘Sticky ToC’ option for Table of Contents block, ‘Transition’ effect for ‘Button (Improved) block, ‘Read More/Load More’ button for ‘Expand’ Block’ and many more)
  • Priority Support. 

Let me know if you have any further queries. 

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Here’s the full list list: 

  • Timeline Block 
  • Coupon Block 
  • Saved Styles Option 
  • Patterns (Coming Soon) 
  • Priority Support 
  • Sticky Table of Contents 
  • Icons for Table of Contents
  • Pros & Cons Schema for Review
  • Transition Animation Effects for Button
  • Search Option for Accordions
  • Tab Title Icons
  • Clickable Buttons for Tab Headers
  • Secondary Text for Tabs
  • Custom Post Type for Post Grid
  • Pagination for Post Grid
  • Load More Button for Post Grid
  • YouTube Subscribe Button for Videos
  • Icons for Divider 
  • Thubmains Under Image Sliders
  • Transition Effect for Show More
  • Button Style for Show More

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