How to Add an Image Accordion in WordPress (3 Easy Steps)

How to Add an Image Accordion in WordPress

Adding an image accordion in WordPress is a straightforward process, even though it’s impossible with the block editor’s core functionality. You need to rely on a plugin for assistance.

Not all plugins are equally optimized with the Block editor. That’s why I’ve chosen the Accordion Slider Gallery plugin, a uniquely well-optimized block editor plugin that empowers you to create exceptional accordions.

Before diving into the exciting world of ‘How to Add an Image Accordion in WordPress, ‘let’s explore some fascinating details about accordions.

What is an Image Accordion?

Benefits of Using An Image Accordion

How To Add An Image Accordion in WordPress

Here, we will provide some easy steps to add an image accordion in WordPress. Just follow those steps.

Step 1: Install & Activate the Accordion Slider Gallery

In this step, you have to install the Accordion Slider Gallery. First, navigate to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New Plugin. You must search for “Accordion Slider Gallery” in the search box.

Then, install and activate the plugin from there. (N.B. The “Install Now” Button will transform into the “Activate” button after the plugin installation.)

Step 2: Create the Image Accordion

Go to your dashboard and navigate to the Accordion Slider > Add New.

Give your accordion slider a suitable title. Click “Upload Image Files” to upload your files for the first time. You can also choose the “Select Image from Library” button if you’ve already uploaded your images and want to select them from your library.

Once you’ve selected or uploaded your images to the media library, click the “Add to Gallery” button.

Now scroll down a bit and click on the “Publish” button.

Step 3: Add the Shortcode of the Accordion to your Page or Post

Click on the “All Accordion” menu to see your slider and copy the shortcode of the accordion that you’ve created.

Paste the shortcode on the posts or pages you want to display and update or publish the post or page.

The final look of the image accordion is below.

Last Words

I hope the guidelines provided here are easy to follow. Let me know if you face any difficulties when creating an image accordion.

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