How To Add A Search Bar In WordPress Header

add a search bar

A search bar plays an important role on your website. It helps your visitors to find what they have been looking for. If your website consists of a search bar then your visitor won’t have to leave your website to search for anything. 

If you don’t know how to add a search bar in WordPress, then this is the post for you. Before we add it, let’s know some details. 

Why Add A Search Bar To Your Website?

A search bar is very much important for your website. Suppose you don’t have one, in that case, visitors will visit your site and they will struggle to find what they have been looking for. As a result, they might leave your site and your bounce rate may rise. 

Adding a search bar will help your visitors to find their required information instantly. They won’t have to go anywhere to find what they need. 

You can add a search bar in many ways, but if you want to add it in the header you have to either write code by yourself or use a plugin. I prefer to take the help of a plugin as it helps to add a search bar easily and provides more functionality. The search bar that comes with WordPress provides very limited options. If your site is bigger and needs better search facilities then go for plugins. 

Add A Search Bar With A Plugin

First, install and activate the Ivory Search plugin from the WordPress plugins directory. 

Now navigate to Ivory Search -> Menu Search. Here choose the menu where you want to show your search bar. You can show any of the specified menus or on every menu. If you want a specific menu then choose only that. You can keep the search bar before or after the navigation menu, if you prefer ‘after the navigation menu’ then don’t toggle the ‘Display search form at the start of the navigation menu’. 

Choose the style and choose the search form. 

Then click on the save button and your search bar in the WordPress Header will be visible. 

You can edit the searching preference from the Search Forms.

Final Words

I hope this helps you to add a search bar to your Website. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you liked the post then please share it with your friends and don’t forget to share your thoughts via the comment section below. 

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