How To Add Animated Text In WordPress

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Have you seen websites show off attractive animated texts in the websites? Popular animation effects are a must that attracts the eyesight of the visitor. There are a lot of popular effects like bouncing text, fade, slide, etc. If you don’t know how to add animated text in WordPress then this post is for you. 

In this post, I have shown you how to add animated text in WordPress. Let’s check now. 

How To Add Animated Text In WordPress

To add animated text in WordPress there is no other way but to take the help of plugins. There are a couple of plugins that will help you to ad animated text in WordPress. Among those, I recommended choosing Shortcodes Ultimate. This plugin will not only allow you to add animated text but also add a lot of features to your page or post. 

To add animated text in WordPress at first install and activate Shortcodes Ultimate from your dashboard. 

Next, from your dashboard navigate to Shortcodes -> Settings. 

From this page scroll below and place a tick on “Text widgets”. This will enable animation in the text widgets. 

You are all done. Now let’s add animated text in WordPress. 

Open a page or post where you want to add animated text. Click in between the sentence where you want to add animated text. From the menu click on the “Insert Shortcode” button. 

On the search bar, search for animation. Then choose the animation that you want to apply to your animated text. Choose the duration, delay, and type the text that you want to animate in the Content box. 

Now click on the insert shortcode button but before, you can check the live preview by clicking on the live preview button. 

Now publish the post and you will see the post has been published and your highlighted text is being animated. 

Final Words

Hope you have understood the whole process. Now animate as many texts as you want in your WordPress website. If you have any problems understanding the process, ask me and I will help you to animate your text. 

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