How To Add Feature Boxes With Icons In WordPress

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Feature Boxes with Icons can make your WordPress posts/pages attractive. These boxes allow you to highlight features in an easy to understand and engaging way.

When it comes to adding feature boxes with icons, you need to have coding skills or you need to use a plugin.

Here we will be sharing how to add feature boxes with icons in WordPress using the Ultimate Blocks plugin. You don’t need to write any codes. Just follow some simple steps.

What are Feature Boxes With Icons?

Before diving to the tutorial, let’s see what feature boxes with icons actually are.

Let’s face it. People skim a lot. They don’t have time to read the full page. It’s website owners’ responsibility to highlight the important information on the page. One of that ways is to have feature boxes.

The idea is to add boxes with icons and texts. Here’s an example from

Add Feature Boxes With Icons In WordPress

At the very beginning install and activate the Ultimate Blocks plugin. Now create a new post/page or open your existing post/page where you want to add feature boxes with icons. 

Click on the + button and search for ‘Styled Box’

Select the block and from style, list choose ‘Feature Box’. 

Now upload your image by clicking on the ‘Upload Image’ button. Then give the title and description text to your feature box. 

Similarly, if you want two or three feature boxes with icons on your page, just click on the columns button above. An alignment option is also available.

Last Words

So you got the whole process to add feature boxes, right? If you still have any confusion or any queries feel free to ask, I would be happy to give an answer to your question. If you liked the post please share it with your friends, after all, sharing is caring. Let me know your thoughts through the comment box below.

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