How To Embed Or Add PowerPoint Presentation In WordPress

Adding PowerPoint presentations in WordPress helps you to present a specific topic and yourself in a great way in your WordPress website. Besides, it’s so simple and easier to use. There are lots of creative presentation templates are available for you to make amazing presentations. 

After creating a presentation in Google slides or importing a presentation in it, you might not know how to embed it in your website. For you, I am here with the full guide. After reading this post you will be able to add PowerPoint presentation to WordPress site of yours. 

Let’s begin then. 

How To Add Powerpoint Presentation In WordPress

To add PowerPoint presentation in WordPress at first login to your Google account and visit Google Slides. Click on the Blank button. 

add powerpoint presentation

From the File menu click on Import slides. 

Choose the PowerPoint file that you want to show on your WordPress website. If needed then upload the file. Next, select all slides and hit the Import slides button. 

Provide a suitable title then from the file menu, click on ‘Publish to the web’. 

Click on the Embed tab and configure the settings as you needed. Then hit the Publish button. 

Then an embed code will appear, copy it. 

Open the page or post, where you want to add PowerPoint presentation to your WordPress site. 

Click on the Add block button and search for ‘Custom HTML’ block. Insert it by clicking on it. 

Now paste the code in the blank field and save changes. 

Now check the preview. 

Last Words

Well, that’s all. If you wish, you can do the same with YouTube. All you have to do is save your presentation as a video and then upload it on YouTube. Later on, publish it on YouTube and share it directly by embedding it on WordPress. 

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