How To Add Videos In WordPress

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Are you new to WordPress? It’s quite normal not to know how to add videos in WordPress. Videos put life to your content and increase engagement in your post and pages. In the new block editor, WordPress has made it super easy to add videos. 

You can add any videos from video hosting sites like Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, etc. In this guide, I will show you How to add videos in WordPress 

Let’s begin then. 

How To Add Videos In WordPress

After the new block editor has been introduced, now adding videos is very much simple. It just needs seconds to add videos in WordPress.

To add videos in any page or post drag the video in it and it will be automatically embedded in the post. 

Or you can simply copy and paste any video link in the post. Then the link will be automatically converted into embedded video. 

Currently, WordPress supports the below list for directly embedding videos. 

Last Words

That’s all, in this way you can embed as many as videos you want in your post or pages. Later on, you can adjust the size from the block settings. If you have any queries feel free to ask and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment box below. 

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