How to Ask For WordPress Support in Proper Way

ask for WordPress support

Support is an essential service for any product. While using a product, you might need support at any stage. Support may be needed for any malfunction or any features that you require. 

While facing a malfunction, it is common that our head is hot, and we are very likely to say bad words to the developer. But if we do so, then it is likely that we won’t get the support we desire. 

If you are using a free product, then you don’t have any right to say bad words. Bad words only hurt one and don’t return any good results. Therefore you have to ask for support in the proper way. Let’s see how to properly ask for WordPress support. 

Troubleshoot Common Problems

Before you ask for support, make sure you have tried to solve common problems.

Search Google: If you don’t know where to start from, search in Google about your problem, and start applying solutions one by one.

Ask AI: You can always ask AI about your problem. You can ask Google’s Gemini, ChatGPT, and any other AI tools you have got.

But sometimes solutions will tell you to alter the code in your website. If you are not sure what the code does or if it contains any malware, then don’t apply the code. 

If you are having any conflict with plugins, you can try to deactivate all the plugins, and then activate them one by one. If nothing helps follow the next step and ask for support properly.

Ask The Right Question Appropriately

Every WordPress product company provides support after providing its application software. When you need help, you can ask for support from its support forum. is a big community where free plugins are available. If you want support for a specific plugin in the WordPress plugins repository, then click on the Support tab.

Check Forum: Before you create any thread, make sure you have searched the forum about the problem that you are facing on your website. You can write your search query in the search box at the top, or you can also check forum topics one by one. If you don’t find your desired solution, click on ‘Login to create a topic’ and create a topic regarding your problem. 

Be Concise: In the support thread, make sure you are respectful and concise. Don’t use rude words like “What kind of stupid plugin you have made? This plugin is rubbish.”

If you write in an accusatory tone, then you might not get what you are looking for. You should be polite and keep in mind that you are asking an expert to give an answer to your question from their valuable time. The right way to answer questions like 

Thank you for creating the ABC plugin. For some reason, its not working correctly. I would appreciate if you help me to solve this problem. 

I am using WordPress Version 5.xx, 
Plugin Name & Version: ABC v5.xx

Browser Name & Version: Chrome v 94.x.x.x.

I have done this: xxxxxxxx

Expected outcome is: xxxxxxx

My site host is: xxxxxxxxx

I have tried following solutions: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thank you for giving your time to solve it. “

Add Visuals: If needed, add screenshots too. In a support message like this, you are providing almost everything that a developer might ask you to answer your question. And it will save valuable time for both of you. 

Provide With Necessary Resources: Afterward, the developer might ask you for some additional information or want access to your website. 

Note: You must allow at least 24 hours to get a response. You don’t know the timezone of the developer and their work schedule. 

Whatever you do, don’t call the developer on their communication channel. This might make the developer annoyed. 

Use Proper Channels of Support

If you are using any commercial themes or plugins, then it is recommended to use the proper channels of support. They have their designated support areas. If you ask your questions anywhere else rather than in this area, then it would not help you much. 

If you have downloaded a commercial product from third-party websites, then you don’t deserve any support. 

You must purchase a product and then ask for support, and you should behave nicely. Your rude behavior can ruin one’s day. 

Final Words

If you ask nicely for support, it is expected that you will receive a satisfactory solution. If you are happy with the support, say some good words or you can also buy a cup of coffee by donating a few bucks to the developer. 

I hope now you will be able to ask for WordPress support in a proper way. If you liked the post, then please share it with your friends and share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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