7+ Best WordPress Maintenance Service Providers

Running a WordPress website is not a piece of cake. Yes, WordPress has some of the best features to help you create and manage your website.

But, when it comes to maintenance, it requires time and resources. And many WordPress site owners don’t have that kind of time and resources to maintain their website.

Also, ignoring WordPress site maintenance is a terrible idea as it can cause many problems to your website. Your website could even get hacked if you ignore your website maintenance.

Luckily, if you want to maintain your WordPress site without having to do all the work, you can check out the different WordPress maintenance service providers out there.

These service providers offer great maintenance for your website so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

And if you’re looking for the best WordPress maintenance service providers, you’ve landed on the right page.

In this post, I’ll talk about the best WordPress maintenance service providers you can choose.

The services mentioned in this list are trusted businesses that have been offering WordPress quality maintenance services for a while now.

I’ll dive into the features of each service to help you choose the best service provider for your business.

1. WP Buffs

WP Buffs offers 24/7 WordPress site maintenance services to serious business owners who are looking for WordPress management.z z zx xzzs

Here are some of the features of WP Buffs service:

24/7 Support

Bulletproof Security

Speed Optimization

24/7 Monitoring

Weekly Updates


WP Buffs has the following three plans for its website owners package:

The first plan costs $79 /month and has daily backups, emergency support, weekly updates, and more.

The second plan costs $159 /month and has all the features included except speed optimization, priority support, and malware removal.

Their most popular plan is Perform, which is priced at $219/month and includes all the features offered by WP Buffs. Other plans are for custom-coded websites.

2. Maintainn

Maintainn by SiteCare is a WordPress support company that takes a hands-on approach to simplify the maintenance and security of your WordPress sites.

The company has been offering WordPress support since 2012, and its service has the following features:

24/7 Security Monitoring

Automated Backups

Performance Optimization


Maintainn costs $39.95/month which includes the following:

  • Daily Offsite Backups
  • Weekly Updates
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring & Hack Cleanups
  • Unmatched Support
  • Monthly Service Reports

3. FixRunner

FixRunner offers WordPress support services which include security updates, speed optimization, uptime monitoring, and more.

All you have to do is explain your issue to their expert team, and they’ll troubleshoot the issue.

Apart from a one-time fix service, FixRunner also provides ongoing WordPress maintenance service.

The pricing plans for their ongoing maintenance service are as follows:

The premium plan costs $59/month, which includes 90 minutes of monthly support time. You can get support via chat or email.

This plan includes speed optimization, site updates, uptime monitoring, security scans, and more.

The subsequent plans cost $99/month and $149/month and provide a support time of 2 hours and 4 hours, respectively.

4. Plugmatter WordPress Support

Plugmatter offers a 24/7 WordPress support team at a fraction of the cost of hiring a developer. It allows you to save time/money and lets you focus on growing your business.

The service is designed for professionals with…

  • Limited time and/or technical expertise.
  • Little access to developers.

In short, it’s for those who’d like to always have a top-notch site ⁠— without any hassles.

Here are some of the features of the Plugmatter WordPress Support service: 

Website Supercharge – aka the Onboarding Process

Proactive Support – aka Weekly Maintenance

Reactive Support – aka Support Request/Tickets

Marketing Technology Support


The service is offered in three plans based on the type of the user.

The Professional plan is priced at $99/month ⁠— targeted towards solopreneurs, coaches, trainers, and consultants. 

The Business plan is priced at $149/month ⁠— targeted towards Blogs, eCommerce sites, and intermediate users who need marketing technology support.

The Growth plan is priced at $259/month ⁠— targeted toward growth phase website with a lot of requirements in terms of marketing technology, optimization, and support.

5. WP Tech Support

WP Tech Support offers emergency and ongoing WordPress maintenance services to over 1000 WordPress site owners.

Here are some features of their service:

Unlimited Fixes

Offsite Backups

24/7 Monitoring

Performance Tune-Up

WP Tech Support has 4 pricing plans with different features. Their most basic plan costs $55/month and includes weekly reporting, site updates, a one-time emergency fix, and more.

You can also get a one-time emergency fix for a $110/single-issue fix.

6. WP Fix It

WP Fix It is a WordPress maintenance company that has been around since 2009 and has fixed over 232,000 issues.

They offer 24/7 support and currently have over 15,000 active customers.

Instead of offering a single WordPress maintenance service, WP Fix It has various services you can purchase.

Here are some of them:

General Support – $47

Speed Optimization – $1577

Site Tune Up – $47

Infection Removal – $57

Security Monitoring – $12/month

Some of the features of this service are:

  • Protection of Security Keys.
  • Blocked IPs.
  • Change Database Prefix.
  • Block Visits From Bad Bots.
  • Firewall Included.
  • Anti Brute Force Login.
  • Move Login.
  • Scan 35 Security Points.
  • Logs Critical Actions.
  • Backup for DB and Files.
  • Force Correct Login & Password.
  • Powerful Antispam System.
  • Alerts & Notifications.
  • Double Authentication.
  • Vulnerable Software Detection.
  • Malware Scan.

WP Fix It has some great WordPress maintenance services you can use to keep your site secure and optimized.

7. TemplateMonster

Template Monster is one of the most famous WordPress marketplaces out there. But I bet you didn’t know they offer WordPress maintenance services too.

With over 15 years in business, Template Monster offers a great 24/7 website maintenance service

Here are some features of their WordPress maintenance service:

Proactive WordPress Engine & Plugin Updates

Security Protection

Performance Check & Optimization

SEO Consultancy & Basic Setup

Monthly Activity Reports

Emergency Care


Template Monster’s WordPress maintenance service has two pricing plans:

The Annual plan costs $799, and you get all the essential features required for your WordPress site maintenance.

The Monthly plan costs $99/month and comes with all the features of Template Monster’s WordPress maintenance service.

8. Valet

Valet offers management and support for organizations using WordPress. This includes fixing website security issues, speed, usability, traffic, and conversions.

The following are the different support services offered by Valet:

  • Host Selection and Site Migrations
  • Professional Level Support
  • Thoughtful Development
  • Insightful Day-to-Day Management

The valet doesn’t have any dedicated pricing page. You’ll need to contact them to get a quote for their services.


So, these were the 10 best WordPress maintenance service providers you can get help from to secure and optimize your WordPress site.

If you’re looking for my recommendation, I’d say WP Buffs as it has a lot of features that ensure your website is maintained properly.

If you have any other questions regarding the service providers mentioned in the list, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase using any of these links, we will earn a commission without any extra cost to you. Thanks for your support.

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