7 Best WordPress Q&A Plugins (2023) 

Looking to create an interactive and engaging platform where your audience can ask questions and get instant answers? We’ve curated a list of the best Q&A plugins to transform your website into a dynamic hub of knowledge-sharing and vibrant discussions.

These plugins will empower your community to ask questions, provide valuable insights, and interact with each other in a seamless Q&A format. 

Whether you’re running an online course, managing a support forum, or simply looking to foster a sense of community engagement, these plugins have got you covered.

If you’re ready to empower your users to ask, answer, and explore together, keep reading!


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1. Ultimate Blocks 

The Ultimate Blocks plugin revolutionizes your content creation experience, empowering you with a trio of powerful blocks to craft a highly engaging and user-friendly Q&A section on your website.

Using the Content Toggle block, it offers a seamless and efficient way to present your Q&As in a sleek and user-friendly accordion-style layout. Each question acts as a toggle button, enabling users to expand or collapse the answers with a click, providing a smooth browsing experience.

To further enhance your Q&A section, the plugin’s Tabbed Content block organizes your Q&As into separate tabs. Each tab represents specific types of questions, allowing users to reveal corresponding answers instantly, eliminating the need for tedious scrolling or searching.

If you’ve got a ton of Q&As covering various topics, don’t worry! You can pair your Q&As with Ultimate Blocks’ Table of Contents block, and create a user-friendly guide for Q&A pages. This combination empowers visitors to quickly locate the section that matches their query, helping them find the relevant information they seek. 

Here are our favorite features of Ultimate Blocks:

  • Simplifies content creation endeavors with its comprehensive set of blocks
  • Content Toggle block for creating super handy Q&As
  • Allows users to expand or collapse answers with a single click
  • Organizes Q&As into separate tabs for a well-structured presentation
  • Pairs with Table of Contents Block for easy navigation on larger Q&A pages 
  • Can create a user-friendly guide for visitors 

Ultimate Blocks is free for use, but you can also get its premium version for $39/year to enhance your website’s content capabilities.

2. Heroic FAQs

Heroic FAQs’ Visual Editor allows you to enrich your FAQ content with various elements. With its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality, managing your FAQs becomes a breeze. 

You can effortlessly create, group, and reorder questions and answers, streamlining the entire process and saving valuable time. Choose from 5 stunning pre-defined FAQ styles, each offering unlimited configuration possibilities. You can match your FAQs to your company’s branding effortlessly, making them consistent with your website’s overall design. 

Moreover, these FAQs are designed to look great on any device, from desktops and laptops to tablets and phones, with optimized performance for mobile and touch devices. 

No coding knowledge is required, giving you the freedom to create FAQs exactly as you envision them for your website.

Here are some of its key highlights: 

  • 5 stylish FAQ designs
  • Easily translate your FAQs
  • Easy drag-and-drop options
  • Add images, videos, and more to FAQs
  • Schema.org integration for better visibility

Heroic FAQs is included in the Heroic KB package, which is available for $149.50/ year.

3. DW Question & Answer

DW Question & Answer Pro empowers your website with a comprehensive Questions Listing Page, allowing visitors to ask questions easily. As the admin, you have full control over managing questions – you could edit, delete, or mark them as sticky. 

With DW Question & Answer Pro, you get a powerful shortcode to display all questions on any page you choose. The question listing page has handy features like filtering, sorting, and search options, thus enhancing user interaction. Users can create detailed and engaging questions with categories, tags, and more—making it easier for others in the community to find answers.

Its built-in voting system lets users upvote answers, ensuring the most popular and valuable responses rise to the top. You could also explore additional functionalities, such as views count, email notifications for questions, and anti-spam protection through reCaptcha and FunCaptcha integration. 

Take a quick look at some of its key features:

  • Question listing page with filtering and search
  • Admin control for editing, deleting, and sticky questions
  • Private answers for handling confidential information
  • Voting system for upvoting best answers
  • Attachments and spam control 
  • Shortcode display for all questions on a chosen page
  • Email notifications for new activity
  • Multi-language support for global reach

DW Question & Answer Pro offers a Regular License priced at $39, which includes 6 months of support.

4. CM Answers

CM Answers is a comprehensive and feature-rich Question & Answer plugin. It lets you determine who can view, post queries, and respond to questions, ensuring a secure and organized environment.

 The plugin’s access control feature also extends to categories, allowing you to specify which users or user roles can access specific question categories.

In addition to its robust access control, CM Answers offers seamless integration with ads and banners within the forum. This opens up opportunities for effective monetization, as you can display advertisements relevant to your audience and generate revenue from your Q&A platform.

The system also boasts ChatGPT support, which automatically generates AI-generated answers for selected categories. Users can vote for their favorite questions or answers, while authors can select the best answer from the responses submitted. With compatibility for WordPress Multisite functionality and SEO-friendly features, CM Answers caters to a seamless and optimized user experience.

Some of its prominent features include:

  • Show ads and banners within the forum 
  • AI-generated answers in chosen categories
  • Users vote on questions and answers
  • Upload file attachments to questions or answers
  • Easily customize forum style and appearance
  • Users can vote on their favorite questions
  • Translatable with RTL language support
  • Detailed forum activity logs and statistics

Get the Essential (Pro) Answers Plugin for just $39, valid for 1 website.

5. YITH WooCommerce Questions and Answers

Create a robust Q&A section on your product page with the YITH WooCommerce Questions And Answers plugin, allowing your customers to find quick answers to their queries and make confident purchases.

It offers customizable display settings for answers, allowing you to set the number of answers shown to maintain a stable product page layout. The plugin incorporates a voting system, enabling users to highlight the most helpful questions and answers, promoting valuable content.

It ensures user engagement by encouraging responses. Administrators can send emails to customers who purchased a product, requesting their opinion on a new question. Additionally, the plugin provides various protection measures, including Google’s CAPTCHA system to prevent spam and an anonymous mode to safeguard user privacy. Its WPML compatibility allows for easy translation, making it accessible to a global audience.

With email notifications, you will receive alerts for each new question about their products and can notify users who previously asked a question. The plugin also automatically hides inappropriate answers, allowing users to identify and report any irrelevant content.

Here are some of its prominent features: 

  • Admin approval before publishing questions and answers 
  • Create a FAQ system with administrator content control 
  • Set the number of answers to display with controlled paging 
  • Voting system to highlight useful questions and answers 
  • Activate email notifications for new questions and user responses 
  • Automatic hiding of inappropriate answers 
  • Encourage user participation through email invitations 

Get the YITH WooCommerce Questions And Answers plugin for €59.99/year with 1 year of updates and support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

6. AnsPress

AnsPress offers a range of exciting features to make your question and answer system stand out. You can feature important questions to keep them at the top of the list, and let visitors vote on the relevance of different questions. Plus, visitors can select the “best answer” to streamline the Q&A process.

One of the coolest features is the interactive user profile system. Users can earn reputation points for their activities, which encourages them to participate more actively in the Q&A community. Plus, users can attach media files to their questions and answers, making it easier to share relevant content.

In the plugin, anyone can share media attachments within questions and answers, and email notifications keep users in the loop about their activity. It sends email notifications to keep you updated on all the latest activities. It’s also search engine friendly, so your Q&A content will be easily discoverable!

Here are some of its key highlights: 

  • Engaging built-in profiles for users
  • Promotes important questions by sticking them to the top
  • Lets users vote on questions to express relevance
  • Allows media attachments in questions and answers
  • Optimized for search engines with schema.org markup
  • User-friendly interface with AJAX and Backbone.js

AnsPress is a completely free Q&A plugin for WordPress, offering a wide range of powerful features to enhance your website’s question-and-answer system.

7. Quiz And Survey Master

While Quiz and Survey Master (QSM) is primarily known for creating quizzes and surveys, it can also be creatively used as a Q&A plugin with some customization. It lets you build your quizzes and surveys within minutes, selecting from various question types like multiple choice, true/false, and more. 

If you have an existing forum for your users, a QSM survey can allow users to provide feedback, suggestions, or questions related to your products, services, or website. This interactive approach can help you gather valuable insights and encourage users to share their thoughts.

You can also design a QSM survey where each question represents a frequently asked question. Set a timer for each question, and users must respond within the allotted time. The answers to these FAQs can be displayed immediately after users submit their responses. This interactive approach allows users to access common answers quickly and enhances engagement.

Thanks to its add-ons, you can add advanced features such as saving and resuming quizzes, generating detailed reports, applying logic conditions, and generating participant certificates.

Here are its key features:

  • Collect feedback and suggestions from users
  • Set timers to make quizzes and surveys engaging for users
  • Organize questions into separate pages with progress bars
  • Randomize questions to provide unique quizzes to each user
  • Create multilingual quizzes for a diverse audience
  • Create reports based on user responses

The Basic plan for Quiz and Survey Master costs $129 per year and covers one website.


Whether you’re looking to create a comprehensive FAQ section, encourage user-generated content, or build a thriving community forum, these plugins have something for everyone. 

From customizable layouts to seamless integrations and advanced notification systems, you have the tools you need to create a dynamic and interactive Q&A platform. 

So, don’t wait any longer – choose the perfect Q&A plugin that aligns with your website’s goals and watch as your audience actively participates and interacts like never before. Your website is just a plugin away from becoming a buzzing hive of knowledge-sharing and engagement!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase using any of these links, we will earn a commission without any extra cost to you. Thanks for your support.

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