How To Hide Post And Hide Page Title In WordPress

hide page title in WordPress

After creating a new post/page, the title is shown at the very top of the front end on any WordPress site. But sometimes a title is not proper for a page, either because it doesn’t look right or it’s a distraction. 

In some cases, you might want to add a custom title that would be more efficient for your business. Therefore sometimes it’s necessary to hide page title in WordPress. In this article, I will show you how to hide post and hide page title in WordPress. 

Let’s begin then.

Ways To Hide Post And Hide Page Title In WordPress

WordPress is continuously dominating the web, and more users are using this platform for different purposes rather than blogging. Due to this reason, it might not be appropriate to enable the WordPress page or post title. 

Fortunately, there are several ways of hiding the WordPress page or post titles. You can disable title for a single post, or you can disable for all posts. 

Hiding A Single WordPress Post Or A Single WordPress Page Title

The easiest way for hiding a single WordPress post or page is by leaving the title field blank. WordPress will generate the permalink for this post automatically, and it’s going to be hard to identify the posts and pages. However, I don’t recommend this option. 

For this reason, I recommend you to use plugins like ‘Hide Page and Post title’ and ‘Title Remover’. Below I am showing you how to use Title remover to hide WordPress’s post or page title. 

First, install and activate the ‘Hide Page and Post title’ plugin from the WordPress directory. Then create a new page/post or edit an existing one. 

From the right side options menu, place a tick mark on ‘Hide the title,’ and your title will be hidden.

In this way, you can hide the title for all your preferred posts/pages.

Don’t worry, if you are using the classic editor, the menu should be available in the sidebar. 

Hiding All WordPress Post And All WordPress Page Titles

What if you want to hide the title of all posts and pages? Well, you can hide post and hide page title in WordPress by editing the stylesheet (style.css file) of the theme. 

At first, open the page/post that you want to edit in a browser. Right-click on the title and select ‘Inspect.’ 

Now identify CSS class that is assigned in the title. In my case, the title’s CSS class is ‘entry-title’. The CSS class may vary depending on your theme.

Copy the class name and go to Appearance -> Theme Editor. Then open the style.css file on the right column. Now add the following code at the bottom of the file. Don’t forget to click on ‘Update File’.

entry-title {
  display: none;

Now all your posts/pages title is hidden. 

Please keep in mind that this method is not SEO friendly, search engines don’t like it when you hide any content from them.

Final words

Page titles have a very essential impact on your site’s SEO, but there are some cases when you need to hide it. Don’t try to hide post or hide page title in WordPress unless you really need to.

By using a WordPress plugin or editing the stylesheet (mentioned above) you can hide page/post titles hassle-free and quickly. 


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