HostGator Black Friday Deals 2023 – Get 73% OFF!

73% OFF!

HostGator Black Friday Sale 2023

Save BIG for HostGator Black Friday Sale for Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, & Dedicated Hosting.

Expire On 10/30/2024

Are you looking for HostGator’s Black Friday deals for the year 2022? You are, in that case, very fortunate to have found your way to this particular post!

Because today, I am here to present you with a fantastic deal of HostGator Black Friday Deals, which you can obtain at a discount of 75%. In addition to that, you will also receive a free domain when you purchase any of their plans.

Black Friday deals from HostGator begin at just $1.74 per month, making it easier than ever to launch your own online business.

Hosting more than 2 million websites throughout the world, HostGator is one of the best web hosting service companies that offers one of the smoothest, safest, and most quality services. In addition, web professionals make up thirty percent of HostGator’s user base, making it a popular choice among those in the industry.

In this article, I will discuss the HostGator Black Friday Deals, and you will find out how to receive a great discount of 75% off if you finish reading this post.

Let’s get started!

HostGator Black Friday Deals 2023

HostGator is giving three Black Friday deals this year, each with a discounted 73% price point.

1. HostGator Hatchling: Excellent for a new, comparatively small-sized website or blog. At this year’s Black Friday sale, you can get this plan for just $3.75 per month. This offer is great for first-timers who wish to test out HostGator without paying too much.

2. HostGator Baby: This plan is ideal for high-traffic sites that could benefit from increased speed, storage space, and processing power. During the Black Friday offer, you can purchase this plan for just $4.00 per month. This is the effective solution for you if you’re looking for high-quality support without going overboard.

3. HostGator Business: This hosting package is an upgraded version of the Baby plan above, with added features like a free dedicated IP address, a free upgrade to positive SSL, and SEO tools. As part of the Black Friday sale, you can get this plan for $5.75 per month. For start-ups and smaller companies, this is a great solution.

(Note that, HostGator Hatchling can be used on a single site, whereas the rest two can be used for hosting unlimited sites.)

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Money Saving Tips During HostGator Black Friday

lack Friday is the best time to buy hosting from HostGator. It lets you save a lot of money. You can save even more money by following some tips. Here I’ll be sharing some money saving tips. 

1. Wait For HostGator Flash Sales

Unlike other web hosts, HostGator offers special discounts on some specific times during Black Friday. They call it Flash Sale or Fire Sale. This sale typically stands for 1 hour but shows up time to time.

During Flash Sales, HostGator offers up to 80% discount, which is the highest discount they offer. So you should wait for Flash Sales and buy the hosting that time.

HostGator has not confirmed the flash sales times for this year. I will update the times as soon as I get the information.

2. Choose The Right HostGator Plan & Save Money

HostGator offers different types of web hosts –

  • Shared Web Hosting (where multiple users share the same server)
  • Cloud Hosting (allows you to use the resources of multiple servers)
  • WordPress Managed Cloud Hosting (the cloud host which is only optimized for WordPress)
  • VPS Hosting (VPS means Virtual Private Server)
  • Dedicated Server Hosting (where customers use an entire server)

Here are some recommendations based on your status.

  • If you are a beginner and you are going to create your first site, then go with Shared Web Hosting.
  • If you are running site(s) with a decent amount of traffic, then you can consider going with Cloud Hosting.
  • If you are using WordPress and your site(s) gets a good amount of traffic, you can go with WordPress Managed Cloud Hosting.
  • If you are running high traffic sites, then VPS Hosting is for you.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting is for advanced users.

Every type of hosts come with 3 different plans. For example, Shared Web Hosting has 3 plans – Hatchling, Baby, & Business Plans.

You need to know about a few things before choosing a plan.

  • How many sites are you going to host on HostGator? (For Shared & Cloud)
  • Do you need Dedicated IP & Positive SSL? (For Shared & Cloud)
  • How many resources (Bandwidth & Diskspace) do you need? (For VPS & Dedicated Server)

If you can come up with this answers, you can easily choose the right plan for you.

Now I’d like to give some tips to help you out.

  • If you are going to create a single site, the go with Hatchling plan.
  • For hosting multiple sites, go with Baby Plan.
  • If you are going to buy WordPress Managed Cloud Hosting, choose a plan according to the number of sites you are going to launch.
  • For VPS & Dedicated Server Hosting, try to figure out how many resources you will need.

My suggestion is always to go with a basic plan and upgrade later if needed.

3. Buy Web Hosting For A Longer Period

Like every web host, HostGator doesn’t offer discounts on renewal. That means if you buy hosting for one year, you will be able to enjoy the discounted price for one year. After one year, you will have to pay the regular bill.

So it’s wise to buy hosting for a longer period. I’d recommend you to buy hosting for 24 or 36 months.

4. Drop Additional Services

Along with Web Hosting & Domain Registration, HostGator Offers some other additional services. If you don’t need this services, just drop these services and save money.

Some of the common additional services are –

  • SiteLock Monitoring: It basically monitors your site to prevent you from hackers.
  • Professional Email: A service by Google that lets you create an email with your domain name.
  • Site Backup: As the name suggests, it takes automatic backups of your site.
  • HostGator SEO Tools: Basic SEO tools offered by HostGator.

All of these are optional and can be by done by using free tools. So I don’t recommend you to buy these services immediately. You can take these services later if needed.

Why HostGator? 

HostGator is recognized as one of the most reliable and high-quality hosting providers on the market in 2022.

With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, your site will always be up and running. And if you face any issue regarding hosting, an excellent team of 24/7/365 support will always be there to help you out. 

But only millions of downloads or constant availability doesn’t automatically translate into being a good service? So, what makes HostGator unique, and where does it stand out among competitors? Let’s have a look at the most crucial aspects of why you should use HostGator as your web hosting provider, choosing it over other reputable available options.

Free SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate must be installed to verify a website’s legitimacy and permit secure communications. Without it, you have no way of knowing that your data is safe from being leaked.

HostGator excels in this area since it includes free SSL Certificates with each and every plan it offers. After signing up for hosting with HostGator, you won’t need to worry about spending extra money on SSL Certificates.

Free Domain Name

HostGator provides a free, 12-month domain name registration with the purchase of any plan. You won’t have to pay anything to get,.org, domain name registered if you get hosting from them.

This is a fantastic benefit offered by HostGator for newbies on a tight budget. Without the added cost of a premium domain, they can get their site up and running and start learning without investing too much money too soon.

1-Click WordPress Installation

Though setting up WordPress manually is not a complex task, it takes up some time. And if you are a beginner to web hosting, things can get a bit overwhelming for you at the beginning. 

To save you from this hassle, HostGator is offering you easy one-click WordPress installation. With this feature, you can instantly set up WordPress and get to build your site, without having to handle a lengthy installation process. 

 Unmetered Bandwidth

With HostGator, you will get unmetered bandwidth, meaning the data transfer speed is set at a maximum ceiling, but the amount of data you can move is limitless. 

Unlike many flashy ‘Unlimited Bandwidth’ offers (where the maximum data transfer capability is ultimately limited, and you can be charged higher for a more considerable amount of data transfer), this is an excellent option for growing businesses. If you have a site that is expanding daily, you will constantly need bigger rooms for moving your site data. With HostGator, this is achieved very quickly. 

45 Days Money Back Guarantee

All of HostGator’s hosting plans are really cheap and affordable. However, if the hosting’s service isn’t satisfactory after purchase, you can switch to a different plan or a different host without spending any additional fees, or losing any money. How?

Within 45 days of purchase, you can cancel your HostGator service and receive a full refund, no questions asked. This guarantee applies to any plan on the HostGator website. There are no additional costs, no hidden charges, and no hassles. It doesn’t matter which of the three plans you choose, as the deal is the same for all of them.


Well, I guess that wraps things up for today. This concludes my coverage of the HostGator Black Friday Sales 2022.

Hostgator is one of the greatest value-for-money platforms available if you’re seeking something that won’t break the bank, but is still reliable and scalable.

It would be crazy not to take advantage of the sale price offered by HostGator on Black Friday this year. Do not overlook any of its fantastic built-in features. Don’t waste any time; the sale price for HostGator will be going up soon.

Please share your support for this post by leaving a comment. Share it around, and invite your friends to take advantage of the 75% discount. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have regarding this post or the offer.

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