How To Add A New Block In WordPress (Beginners Guide)

add a new block

WordPress is the most popular CMS. Since the release of WordPress 5.0, the classic editor is replaced by the new block editor (aka Gutenberg). So what are blocks? How to use blocks? Do I need to add a new block?

In short, blocks are a new way in which WordPress uses to organize content inside your pages and post. It’s far better than the classic editor. If you are new to this platform you might not know how to add a new block to it. It’s a very simple procedure to add blocks.

In this post, I will show you ways of adding blocks in WordPress. Afterward, you will be able to add blocks by yourself. Let’s begin then.  

How To Add A New Block in WordPress

After creating or opening a post/page, you can add a block from the top icon bar or click on the inserter button (or ‘+’ icon). 

Upon clicking on the inserter button (or ‘+’ icon), you get a small modal with the most-used blocks. You can scroll up and down to see blocks of different categories. You can also search for a block and directly find it out from the search bar. Just write the name of the block in the sidebar, and it will appear in the modal. 

The above-mentioned way is the most popular way to add a new block. You can also add a block by clicking on-

  • Inserter (‘+’ icon) right of an empty block
  • Inserter (‘+’ icon)  on the top toolbar
  • Inserter (‘+’ icon)  on the center between two blocks
  • Slash command in an empty paragraph block

You don’t need to interrupt your writing flow; using the slash common; you will be able to add a quote or a list directly via keyboard. Generally, after adding a new paragraph, hit Enter one more time. Then hit the ‘/’ key and type the name of the block. You will be automatically provided block choices. For example, when you type ‘/i,’ a list of blocks with the letter i will be displayed.

  • More Options (3 dots) menu on the block toolbar

Moving Blocks

After highlighting a block, you can move it by pressing the up and down icons on the left side of the block. 

You can also move a block by dragging a block; to do this, click and hold the cursor on six dots near the top left corner. 

Final Words

Isn’t it easy to add a new block in WordPress? Let me know if you need any other help. There are also other beginner guides and tutorials for WordPress in our blog; feel free to roam and check the one that you need.

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