4 Best Animated Text Plugins for WordPress

Animated text plugins are tools for WordPress that bring the text to life. They add cool moving effects to your texts, words, and phrases, making them more interesting to look at. In this blog, we’ll explore the four best animated text plugins for WordPress. 

We’ll take a closer look at these plugins, what makes them special, and how they make your text move and catch people’s attention on your website. Let’s check out these tools, including their key features.

1. Animate It 

Animate It is meticulously crafted to integrate engaging CSS3 animations into your website content effortlessly. Its user-friendly interface provides an array of over 50 CSS3 animations. It helps you add an appealing layer of dynamism to your posts, widgets, and pages. 

It provides an intuitive button in the editor by which you can add animation blocks to your posts and pages. Using this custom custom block button, you can add cool animation effects to your respective post/page content.

In addition, Animate It supports an extensive range of widgets and customization through CSS classes. This allows you to display animation effects when users scroll, click, and hover over your web content.

Key features

  • Versatile CSS3 animations for Posts, Widgets, and Pages
  • Multi-trigger animations: Scroll, Click, and Hover
  • Precise duration and delay settings for animated effects
  • Easy addition of animation blocks within articles or posts
  • Extensive compatibility with WordPress widgets
  • Custom CSS class addition for individual animation blocks
  • Accessibility control for Smartphones and Tablets

2. Typing Text

The Typing Text is a Gutenberg block-based plugin. It introduces dynamic and engaging animations such as looping and fading. Using them, you can enhance the appearance of your website by displaying a delightful transformation of your textual content on the frontend.

This feature provides an interactive experience.  Whether for headers, titles, or any text content, the Typing Text block adds an extra touch of visual interest, turning ordinary text into an appealing, engaging, and impressive element for your audience.

Key features 

  1. Limitless content customization possibilities
  2. Responsive preview controls
  3. Infinite styling possibilities
  4. Offers helpful documentation
  5. Maintains several online communities for more help

3. Easy Textillate

Easy Textillate promises to help you add professional animations to your content without the complexities of script or style configurations. Its simple integration via shortcodes or PHP coding saves time and shoots up more productivity.

This customizable WordPress text effects plugin is a must-have for webmasters aiming to showcase their content uniquely. Easy Textillate is able to implement diverse animation effects for catering to any design scheme. 

Key Features

  • Simple integration using shortcodes or PHP code
  • No complex configurations of scripts and style files
  • Diverse animation effects are available
  • Versatile and customizable for various design schemes

4. Animated Text Block

The Animated Text Block plugin enables the creation of engaging text animations for your website. Effortlessly add dynamic effects to text or paragraphs, enhancing the visual appeal of your content. 

This tool offers user-friendly settings for loop control, character or word animations, and a range of effects to enliven your text. Experiment with different styles for backgrounds, typography, colors, padding, and borders, giving your text a vibrant look.

Key Features:

  • Loop control for engaging animations.
  • Dynamic character or word animation options.
  • Interactive effects for engaging user experiences.
  • Customizable text styles for an aesthetically pleasing look.


The discussions we have made about these plugins effectively capture attention, emphasizing key messages and significantly improving the reader’s experience. Whether used for entertainment or persuasive purposes, text animation plugins continue to grow in popularity, emerging as an integral part of effective communication strategies.

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