How to Add a Subpage in WordPress

A subpage is also called a child page that is hierarchically and structurally linked to another page, the parent page. Subpages are used to create logical categorization and organization of content and present them in a hierarchical structure.

The parent-child relationship between pages makes it easy for users and visitors to navigate and quickly find the content they are looking for. Subpages are usually listed in the menu section under the parent pages.

WordPress offers a user-friendly interface to create and manage subpages. This article will cover a detailed explanation of how to add a subpage in WordPress. Let’s get into the discussion without further delay.

How to Add a Subpage in WordPress: Step-by-Step

You don’t require any plugin or addon to create subpages. You can create them simply from the WordPress interface. However, there are two methods you can follow to create subpages. We’ll show them to you now.

Method 01: How to Add a Subpage in WordPress from the Page Editor

Get into your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Pages > Add New. This will allow you to create a new page. 

You can see in the image below we already have several pages (About, Home, and Services) on the site. Each one of them is a parent page. We will create a subpage under the page – ‘Services’

So, create a new page by pressing the Add New button first.

Create a new page

Give a name to the page and add content as you want. Since this one is a tutorial post, we haven’t added any content to the page but a name only.

Once your content is ready, click Page Attribute on the right sidebar. This will show you an option named Parent Page. You’ll find a search box below. 

Take your cursor and click in the search box. All the other pages you have already created will appear. Whichever you want to set as the parent page, click on it.

Select a parent page from the Page Attribute section

This will make the current one a child page to the selected one.

Method 02: How to Add a Subpage in WordPress from the Page Section

Come to the Pages section. You’ll find here the list of all the published pages. Suppose you want to make the Photography a child page to the Services page.

Go to the Pages section

Hover your cursor on the page. You’ll see several options appearing below. Click the option Quick Edit

Press the Quick Edit option

Click next to the Parent option. A dropdown list will open up. You can select the parent page on the list. After that, hit the Update button.

Select the parent page from the Quick edit option

This way, you can also create subpages.

Bonus Point: How to Hierarchically Order Subpages in Menu

Already said above, subpages hierarchically come under the main menu. But to do this, you must set the subpage position under the parent page in the menu section. 

Navigate to Appearance > Menu. You can see by default, the child page is positioned under the parent page on the same line.

Go to the menu section

Drag the page slightly to the right side. Hit the Save Menu button at the end. Go to the frontend of your website. You’ll see the changes.

Position the child page under the parent page

Thus, you hierarchically order the child page under the parent page in the menu section.


Creating subpages is highly important in websites like eCommerce, agencies, government, multipurpose blogs, news portals, and educational courses that require presenting structured information.

However, you must carry out homework before creating subpages and publishing content on them. If you mistakenly select the wrong parent page and publish content on the child page, the whole content presentation system will be confusing.

And if you keep deleting and creating pages to rectify the mistakes every few days later, it may severely impact your SEO score. Hope you have found the post helpful. Stay with us for more interesting articles like this one.

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