How to Install WordPress Plugins And Themes From GitHub

Install WordPress Plugins

For safety purposes and easy project management, almost everyone keeps their project in repositories. As a WordPress user, you come across themes or plugins hosted on GitHub. Since GitHub is not a part of WordPress, a new user may find it difficult to download and install a theme or plugin from GitHub. 

In this post, I am going to show you how to install WordPress plugins and themes from GitHub. 

Let’s begin, then. 

What is GitHub?

Install WordPress Plugins And Themes From GitHub

Before you install WordPress plugins and themes from GitHub, make sure that you are able to receive updates. 

First, go to the theme/plugins repository or GitHub. On the main page of the repository, move your mouse to the “Clone or download” button and click it. Now click on the Download Zip button. 

Now head over to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins -> Add New page

Click on the Upload Plugin button. Now click on the Choose file button and select the zip that you downloaded from the GitHub directory. Next, you have to click on the Install Now button.

WordPress will now install your plugin; once it is done, you will see a success message. Then you can click on the Activate Plugin button to activate the plugin on your site. 

In this way, you can install the theme also. 

Downloading the theme from GitHub is the same as downloading a plugin. Then navigate to Appearance -> Themes and click on add new button.


The process is very easy; it’s time to try it by yourself and install WordPress plugins and themes on GitHub. If you face any problems, don’t forget to mention me. I will be happy to help you. 

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