The Ultimate Blocks Recap: What’s New in June 2024?

Hello, fellow web creators!

It’s hard to believe that we’ve already crossed June off the calendar, marking the halfway point of 2024. The exciting part is that the next half of the year awaits, with even more possibilities and exciting product features.

As June wraps up, we wanted to reflect on some of the updates and improvements in Ultimate Blocks. Plus, we have a special limited-time offer!

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So, What’s New In Ultimate Blocks? 

Check out the updates and improvements we’ve made on Ultimate Blocks.

New Styles for the Icon Block 

Introducing fresh styles for the Icon Block—Square Fill, Square Outline, Circle Fill, and Circle Outline. 

Now, you can customize your icons precisely by playing around with solid fills or sleek outlines. Here’s to elevating your designs with visually engaging content, ensuring your icons complement your website’s design aesthetic seamlessly! 

Slider Speed to Make Image Sliders Smoother

Ever built a slideshow and noticed how choppy the slide transitions seemed? Introducing a new Slider Speed option, designed to make auto-sliding in image sliders smoother than ever before. Now, you have the flexibility to adjust the image transition speed as you like, ensuring a seamless and engaging viewing experience for your visitors. 

Let’s Crush Some Bugs

Take a quick look at some of the improvements in Ultimate Blocks this June: 

  • Your videos now maintain their intended aspect ratio, preventing distortion and enhancing visual consistency
  • The Content Toggle block is now functioning correctly, letting you effectively organize and display content without issues
  • Images within HowTo steps are now displayed at the correct height
  • The Styled List Item icon no longer switches to the default style, saving the customized styling settings
  • You can reliably save your HowTo steps, ensuring seamless editing and publishing
  • Inner content toggle seamlessly works even when using search
  • You can make precise spacing/typography adjustments in the editor of the advanced heading block
  • You can easily insert and integrate blocks within Horizontal Timeline (Pro)
  • Images within the Horizontal Timeline block align correctly (Pro) 
  • We have tightened up and enhanced block security, so the integrity of your website is protected against vulnerabilities

Fresh Off the Press: Latest Blogs

Lights, Camera, Action: New Videos

This brings us to the end of June. and we’re eagerly looking forward to a prosperous, feature-filled, and creative month ahead. See you in July!

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