Nexcess Vs Kinsta: Which Hosting Is Best For WordPress?

If you’re confused between Nexcess and Kinsta hosting for your website, then you’ve come to the right place!

While both provide quality premium hosting that’s among the best in the industry, evaluating both and finding the best among the two can be a bit tricky. 

In this comparison, I’ll discuss the main differences between Nexcess and Kinsta and which one you should choose for your WordPress website. 

So, let’s jump straight in. 

Nexcess Vs Kinsta: Pricing & Plans 

Before we get into any features, performance benchmarks, and other aspects of Nexcess and Kinsta, let’s address the elephant in the room: pricing. 

This will also help you get some perspective when we discuss other aspects of both hosting providers later in this article. 

Here are all the pricing plans for both Nexcess Hosting and Kinsta: 

Nexcess Pricing Plans: 

Kinsta Pricing Plans: 

Comparing the pricing, the first plan of Nexcess is cheaper than Kinsta and offers more storage and bandwidth limits. 

This trend continues in the subsequent plans as Nexcess offers more for less price and has a better value for money compared to Kinsta. 

Nexcess also doesn’t put a limit on the number of page views you get on your websites, unlike Kinsta. 

The highest Kinsta plan, Business 4 only lets you host 40 websites for $450/month whereas the highest Nexcess plan which is Enterprise allows you to host 250 websites for $492/month. 

So, if you’re planning to host more than 40 websites, you won’t be able to do so in a single account on Kinsta. Plus, it’ll cost you a lot of money as you can host almost 6 times the amount of sites with Nexcess for almost the same pricing. 

Overall, if we’re to pick a winner for pricing between Nexcess Hosting and Kinsta, it’s Nexcess by a huge margin. 

With Nexcess, you get a lot more for what you’re paying which makes it a value-for-money purchase. 

Nexcess vs Kinsta Pricing Winner: Nexcess Hosting 

Nexcess Vs Kinsta: Features

In terms of features, both Nexcess and Kinsta cover the essentials pretty well and you won’t need to worry about them. Features such as SSL certificates, SSD storage, automatic updates, backups, and staging environments come as a standard in both hosting.

If you are planning to migrate your website to either Nexcess or Kinsta, you’d be happy to know they both hosting providers offer a free migration service. In both cases, their team of specialists handles the migration process to ensure everything is migrated perfectly. 

But Nexcess goes beyond this and isn’t limited to just one website migration. You can request as many site migrations on Nexcess hosting as you want. 

There are aspects where both Nexcess and Kinsta show off their powers. One such aspect of Nexcess is that they offer some premium plugins and themes as a part of their plans. 

Premium versions of plugins like Object Cache Pro, Iconic Suite, Solid Security, and Astra Pro are included with your hosting plan in Nexcess.

Nexcess Hosting also offers unlimited email hosting whereas Kinsta doesn’t even have any email hosting features. This can be a big deal breaker for some as email is an essential part when purchasing web hosting. 

To use email with Kinsta, you’ll either need to purchase a third-party service or buy an email add-on extension within Kinsta which costs extra money. 

Both Kinsta and Nexcess offer 24/7 website monitoring but Kinsta excels here as they check your website once every 2 minutes. That’s 720 website checks in a single day which is quite impressive. 

While Nexcess also does 24/7 website monitoring, there’s no information on how often these checks happen. 

But Nexcess Hosting counters that very well with their automated WooCommerce checks where they test your WooCommerce website nightly to identify any issues in the shopping experience. 

This means they check if your cart, login, signup, checkout, and payment process is working properly. This is huge for anyone who runs a WooCommerce website as it’s always a scary thought knowing that your shop may not be working properly. 

Having this automated testing in Nexcess will help you rest assured knowing everything is working on your store. 

Overall, both Nexcess and Kinsta offer great features but I’d have to hand it to Nexcess as there are some features that could be crucial to you that Nexcess does better. 

The fact that there is no email hosting and WooCommerce testing in Kinsta makes Nexcess the clear winner here. 

SSL CertificatesIncludedIncluded
SSD StorageIncludedIncluded
Automatic UpdatesIncludedIncluded
Staging EnvironmentsIncludedIncluded
Website MigrationFree, unlimited migrationsFree, but limited
Premium Plugins and ThemesIncludes Object Cache Pro, Iconic Suite, Solid Security, Astra ProNot mentioned
Email HostingUnlimited email hosting includedNo email hosting; requires third-party service or additional purchase
24/7 Website MonitoringAvailable, frequency not specifiedEvery 2 minutes
WooCommerce TestingAutomated nightly checksNot available

Nexcess vs Kinsta Features Winner: Nexcess Hosting

Nexcess Vs Kinsta: Speed & Performance

Speed is an important factor when choosing web hosting for your website. While both these hosting providers offer fast performances, there’s still a difference between the two. 

Kinsta’s hosting uses Google’s Cloud servers for their plans which is considered the best in the industry. On the other hand, Nexcess Hosting uses its own server architecture which is a shared environment. 

While you get features such as auto-scaling in Nexcess, having your website on a shared server environment is still not the best especially if you’re paying a lot of money. 

Kinsta also excels in the fact that you can choose from 35 data center locations all across the world in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. Meanwhile, Nexcess has only 10 data centers in the US, Europe, and Australia. 

So, if you’re target audience is in Asia or South America, you won’t have the choice to choose a data center from these locations with Nexcess Hosting. 

Additionally, you get CloudFlare premium CDN in all Kinsta plans which is pretty good. Nexcess also offers a CDN but they have their own proprietary solution called Edge CDN with over 20 locations. 

Kinsta and Nexcess both offer a 100% uptime guarantee which is impressive and you won’t have to worry about downtime with either hosting provider. 

If we talk about speed, Kinsta slightly edges over Nexcess and has a better performance but the difference is marginal. 

Overall, Kinsta offers faster performance with a better server environment and more data center locations making it a clear winner here. 

This in any way doesn’t mean that you’ll face bad performance with Nexcess. It’s just that Kinsta has the edge over performance in this case. 

Server InfrastructureOwn server architecture (shared environment)Google Cloud servers
Data Center Locations10 data centers in the US, Europe, and Australia35 data center locations worldwide
CDNProprietary Edge CDN with over 20 locationsCloudFlare premium CDN included in all plans
Uptime Guarantee100% uptime guarantee100% uptime guarantee
Overall Speed & PerformanceSlightly slower compared to KinstaMarginally faster performance, better server environment

Nexcess vs Kinsta Performance Winner: Kinsta

Nexcess Vs Kinsta: Security 

For your website’s security, both Nexcess Hosting and Kinsta offer several features that will help you protect your website. 

Nexcess Hosting offers the Solid Security Pro (previously called iThemes Security) plugin for free in all its plans. This WordPress security plugin has many features such as monitoring core website files, brute force protection, two-factor authentication, firewall, and more. 

Kinsta also pulls all its guns when it comes to security by offering features such as Enterprise-Level Firewall DDoS Protection, IP-based firewall, and more. 

Both these protections actually utilize the Google Cloud platform’s firewall and CloudFlares enterprise firewall which makes your site basically impenetrable. 

While both Nexcess and Kinsta can handle small-scale threats to your website with ease, Kinsta is well-prepared to handle any big security threats as well with their enterprise-level firewall in place. 

Both the hosting providers monitor your website 24/7 but only Kinsta promises to fix your site for free if anything happens regarding security breaches or threats. 

Overall, this is a close fight between the two as both Nexcess and Kinsta have strong security features in place to protect your website. With both providers, you will never have to worry about any security breaches or attacks on your website. 

But if we were to pick a winner in this fight, Kinsta would take the cake just because they employ Cloudflare’s enterprise-level firewall and Google Cloud’s IP-based firewall. 

Security PluginSolid Security Pro (iThemes Security) with features like brute force protection, two-factor authentication, firewallNot specified
Firewall & DDoS ProtectionUtilizes Google Cloud and CloudFlares enterprise firewallsEnterprise-Level Firewall DDoS Protection, IP-based firewall utilizing Google Cloud and CloudFlare’s enterprise firewalls
24/7 MonitoringMonitors website 24/7Monitors website 24/7
Handling Security BreachesNot specifiedPromises to fix your site for free if compromised

Nexcess vs Kinsta Security Winner: Kinsta

Nexcess Vs Kinsta: Support

Nexcess Hosting provides 24/7 support via chat, phone, and email support whereas Kinsta only offers chat and email support with no phone support. 

Besides that, both Nexcess and Kinsta have extensive documentation and knowledgebase so that you can find help regarding any issue you face on their platforms. 

The live chat support in both cases is fast and their support agents are polite and quick to respond to queries. 

However, the ticketing system in Kinsta is a bit slower than Nexcess. Even when you manage to initiate a conversation with their agents through their ticketing system, it’s still slow and you’d have to explain your issue in detail and hope for them to understand what problem you’re facing. 

While this is how support goes in most hosting providers, this can be quite tedious when you’re facing a serious issue such as a site downtime. 

Overall, Nexcess gets the win here because they offer phone support along with live chat and email support. In both cases, the support is good and you will find answers to any problems very quickly. 

Support ChannelsChat, phone, and emailChat and email (no phone support)
Documentation & KnowledgebaseExtensive documentation and knowledgebaseExtensive documentation and knowledgebase
Live Chat ResponseFast with polite and responsive agentsFast with polite and responsive agents
Ticketing System EfficiencyNot specifiedSlower, with detailed explanations often required

Nexcess vs Kinsta Support Winner: Nexcess Hosting 

Nexcess Vs Kinsta: Who’s The Winner? 

So, who’s a better hosting provider between Nexcess Hosting and Kinsta? 

Well, based on our comparison test, Nexcess Hosting is a better hosting provider than Kinsta as it beats Kinsta in pricing, features, and support. 

Yes, Kinsta has a slightly faster performance and better security, but it’s not worth the huge prices you pay when the difference isn’t huge between the two. 

In my opinion, just for pricing alone, Nexcess Hosting is a better option as you get a lot of resources for a lesser price. 

Nexcess is also more generous in its feature offerings and the lack of some essential features in Kinsta such as email hosting is a big turn-off when you’re paying big bucks. 

If speed is of absolute importance to you, then you’re better off with Kinsta as it beats Nexcess in most performance tests. 

If you want a complete package that isn’t overpriced, then Nexcess Hosting is the perfect option for you.

 But if you’re still confused, here’s a breakdown of the comparison between Nexcess Hosting and Kinsta: 

Nexcess HostingKinsta
Pricing & PlansPlans are less expensive and more generous in terms of resources offered. Plans are expensive and don’t offer many resources compared to Nexcess. 
FeaturesCovers all essential features and also comes with some premium plugins for security and theme. Covers the most essential features but doesn’t offer email hosting which has to be purchased separately. 
PerformanceUses a shared hosting environment and doesn’t have a lot of data centers which makes it slower than Kinsta. Uses Google’s Cloud servers with over 35 data centers resulting in a faster performance. 
SecurityOffers a pro version of the Solid Security plugin which covers almost all security aspects. Uses Google Cloud’s IP-based firewall and Cloudflare’s Enterprise level firewall which is more secure than Nexcess. 
SupportProvides 24/7 support via chat, phone, and email. Provides 24/7 support via chat and email. No phone support is offered. 


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