How to Password Protect Your WordPress Forms (2 Simple Methods)

password protect your wordpress form

Privacy is one of the important factors for any organization. Sometimes you may feel the need for password-protected forms so that only your specified user can use the form. 

Normally a form is visible to everyone. If you want to password protect a form and hide it from everyone except a particular group of people, you can easily do it. In this post, I am going to explain step by step how to password protect your WordPress Forms. 

Let’s start.

Password Protect Your WordPress Forms Using Plugin

There are several form builder plugins available for WordPress. Among all these plugins, WPForms is considered the no 1 contact form plugin. With the help of this plugin, you can create any forms by dragging and dropping. This plugin also comes with a form locker addon which allows you to password protect your WordPress forms in time of need. 

To password protect your WordPress forms, first install and activate WPForms plugin from the WordPress plugins directory.

Now navigate to WPForms -> Addons from your dashboard. 

On this page, you will find lots of addons. On the right top, you will find a search bar, then search for ‘form locker’

Install the Form locker addon. Now navigate to WPForms -> All Forms and open the form that you want to protect with a password. 

Now navigate to Settings -> Form Locker, and you will find Form Verification (Locker) option. Toggle on the “Enable Verification”.

A popup box will appear. Place your password and the message that you want to show on the password screen. 

Afterward, click on the Save button. Now when someone visits a page or post with this specific form on it, they will see the rest of the content except the form. 

When the user enters the password, the password box and message will disappear, and the form itself will appear. 

In this way, you can password protect your WordPress forms in widget area such as the sidebar.

Password Protect Entire Page or Post Using WordPress Editor

Why don’t you try to hide the whole page/post instead of hiding only the form? This is a very easy procedure. 

First, open or edit the page/post which you want to protect with a password. Click on the Settings icon and then click on Document. 

From the visibility option, click on the ‘public’ and choose ‘Password protected.’ Now give your desired password and hit the Enter button.

Publish or update the post. Whenever anyone clicks on this post, they will need to input a password to view it. 


I hope you have got the whole process. The addons functionality of WPForms comes with the pro version only. Therefore if you want to use the File Locker addon, you must purchase the pro version of WPForms first. 

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