How to Preload Links in WordPress For Loading Links Faster

preload links

Are you looking for a way to provide instant link loading to your visitors? Well, link loading is the technology that allows you to do it. It preloads your links, and your visitor gets the content immediately after clicking the link. If you don’t know how to add preload links to WordPress site of yours, then this post is just for you. 

In this post, I have shown the full details to preload links in WordPress. 

Everyone wants to surf faster. Link preloading helps the browser to load the link in the background. Therefore, when the visitor clicks the link, he finds it already loaded. Preloading links makes the user experience better. 

A visitor likes to stay on your website when he finds everything fast. This gives you huge SEO benefits. 

There are several plugins available in the WordPress plugins directory; among them, Flying Pages is the best. This plugin intelligently preloads your links without slowing down your website. 

Step 1: Install Flying Pages

First, install and activate the Flying Pages plugin from the WordPress plugins repository. 

Now, you have successfully enabled link preloading on your website. You can customize settings and adjust the preloader. Now, navigate to Settings -> Flying Pages from your WordPress dashboard. From the settings tab, check the plugin configuration, and alter changes if required. 

The first option you have is ‘Delay to start preloading’. The default value for this option is 0, you can change it, but I suggest keeping 0. If you increase the number, the process will start with a delay. 

Next, you find max requests per second; the lower the number, the less impact it will have on your server. If you don’t have a very big website with a huge number of visitors at a time, then keep the default value. 

Keep the other settings as it is, or change them as you require. In the end, don’t forget to hit the Save Changes button. 

Final Words

I hope this post has helped you to preload links in WordPress site of yours. If you run a speed test and don’t see better results, then it is fully normal. As preloading links only improves the link loading time, it doesn’t speed up your site loading speed. 

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