How to Remove ‘Read More’ Button/Text In WordPress

Most of the WordPress themes show read more button/text under every post excerpt on the blog archive page.

That’s the standard way to show blog posts on the blog page or homepage.

However, if you don’t like it and want to remove the read more button/text, you’re in the right place.

Here I’ll be sharing how to remove the read more button in WordPress.

How to Remove the Read More Button/Text

Most popular WordPress themes have the option to remove the read more button or text. You’ll find it in the customization.

This option varies from theme to theme. For the sake of this tutorial, I’ll be using the GeneratePress theme.

At first, click on the ‘Customize’ from the WordPress header option.

Once you entered the customization screen, click on the ‘Layout’ option.

Then click on the ‘Blog’ option.

Here uncheck the ‘Display read more as button’ option. The ‘Read more’ button will be removed.

To remove the ‘Read more’ text, just empty the box under the ‘Read more label’.

Click on the ‘Publish’ from the top left-hand side corner to save the changes.

That’s it. You’re done.


Hope this tutorial helped you to remove the read more button or text.

If you can’t find this option in your theme, let us know which theme you are using. We will try our best to help you out.

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