How to Remove The Remember Me Option From WordPress Login

remove the remember me option

Concerned about leaving your WordPress site vulnerable with the “Remember Me” option? While convenient, it can pose security risks. The ‘Remember Me’ option lets you save your data for a long time and lets you access the website without logging in each time you visit.

In this post, I will show you how to remove the ‘Remember Me’ option from your dashboard. 

Why Remove ‘Remember Me’ from your WordPress?

When a user puts a tick mark on the ‘Remember Me’ field, it will keep the login information for 2 weeks. 

This means when they visit your site again, they can instantly access the dashboard without logging in again. 

This makes logging into the website faster, but it can be a potential risk to your security. By disabling the remember me option login process gets a little bit slower, but it provides security. Anyone can still make the login process faster by saving their id password in the password manager.

Remove the Remember Me Option from WordPress Login Page

To remove the Remember Me option from the Login page, first, install Remember Me Control plugin from the WordPress plugins directory. 

After the installation is complete, don’t forget to activate the plugin. 

Now, from the dashboard, navigate to Settings -> Remember Me.

Now scroll very below and put a tick mark on ‘Never remember?’ feature. Afterward, don’t forget to click on Save Changes. 

Log out from your website and check the login screen. You won’t find the ‘Remember Me’ checkbox as it has been disabled. 

Final Words

I hope this post helped you to learn how to remove the remember me option from your login page. If you liked this post, then please share it with your friends, and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment box below. 

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