How To Write Math Equations In WordPress Easily

write math equations

Are you looking for a way to write math equations in WordPress? It’s a little bit difficult to write math equations in WordPress. By default, WordPress doesn’t provide full support for writing math equations. 

In this post, I will show you how to write math equations in WordPress. After reading the post you will be able to write a math equations in WordPress on your own. 

Let’s see then. 

Why It Is Difficult To Write Math Equations In WordPress? 

Writing math equations in WordPress is difficult due to not having sufficient support for the characters in HTML. you cannot just insert a math equation as you write a normal text. 

To write math equations you can either use Unicode characters or use plugins. In this post, I am sharing both ways. Pick one that you prefer most. 

Write Math Equations In WordPress Using MathML Plugin

MathML is one of the popular markup languages designed to easily write mathematical equations on the web. WordPress doesn’t support MathML code in the editor. But there’s a plugin that helps you to write math equations in WordPress. 

First, download and install MathML Block plugin from your WordPress dashboard. Don’t forget to activate the plugin. 

MathML supports LaTeX commands. Therefore simply open the page or post where you want to write math equations. 

Now insert a MathML block and paste your LaTeX code like below:

\( write math equation at here \)

E.g. \( \cos(θ+φ)=\cos(θ)\cos(φ)−\sin(θ)\sin(φ) \)

When you save this equation you will see the changes beautifully displayed in the post or page. 

Alternate Way To Write Math Equation

You can also write math equations using Unicode mathematical characters. To do this on your Mac-based operating system, click on Edit -> Emoji & Symbols or you can press Command + Ctrl + Space keys on your keyboard. 

Then select your desired symbols and characters from the list. To insert a character, double click it and it will be inserted. If you wish you can format characters using superscript and subscript options from the paragraph toolbar. 

To write a math equation on Windows-based operating system, navigate to Start -> Windows Accessories -> Character Map

This will bring the character map, then insert the character then you needed. Select any character and press the copy button. Then paste the character in anywhere you like. 

Last Words

I hope now you will be able to write math equations in WordPress without any issues. If you still face any problems or couldn’t write a math equation, feel free to share the problem with me. If you liked the post please share it with your friends and leave your thoughts in the comment box below. 

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