How To Add A LightBox To WordPress Website Easily

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Images always catch attraction better than texts. If these images come with a lightbox effect then they look way cooler. If you don’t know how to add a light to WordPress then here I am. In today’s post, I will show you to add a lightbox to WordPress. 

After that, you will be able to add a Lightbox to WordPress site of yours anytime. You can use lightboxes for images, videos, and even full galleries on your website. There are a lot of plugins available to add a lightbox to WordPress. Among those plugins, Responsive Lightbox & Gallery is the best. 

All right let’s add some lightboxes. 

How To Add A Lightbox To WordPress

At first download and install Responsive Lightbox & Gallery Plugin from the WordPress plugins directory. After installation don’t forget to activate it. 

Now navigate to Lightbox from the dashboard. At here you will find all the settings regarding to the lightbox. Toggle different tabs and customize the lightbox settings as you want. 

When you are finished configuring your lightbox, navigate to Gallery and click on Add New button. 

Provide a title and then click on the select images button. Upload your images here and then select all images. When done hit the ‘Use these images’ button. 

At the top, you will be able to see some tabs. From these tabs, you will be able to configure how your lightbox is going to look. At here you have config, Design, paging, lightbox, and misc option. Configure the settings as you want. 

After that scroll a bit below and copy the gallery code. Then hit the publish button. 

Now open the page or post where you want to insert your lightbox. Click on the add block button and search for the shortcode block. Insert it and paste the shortcode in it. Publish the post and you will find your lightbox there. 

Last Words

There are a lot of free and premium lightbox plugins available among those this is the best plugin. If you still need more customization you can upgrade to the premium version of this plugin. 

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