How To Add A Navigation Menu In WordPress (For Beginner’s)

add a navigation menu

The word Navigation tells the description of itself. Similarly, a navigation menu is a menu where several menu links are available at one place so that you can navigate to different places on the website without any trouble. It helps visitors to find what they have been looking for without any difficulties. 

Like all the other websites we have a navigation menu too. 

From this navigation menu of ours, you will be able to visit the blog, support, and download page. Menus can also be collapsed with multiple sub-menus and sometimes also content with a lot of links or so-called mega menu. 

The location of the navigation menu depends on your WordPress theme. Most of the premium themes come with a navigation menu with multiple location options so that you can place them in the way you want. 

How To Add A Navigation Menu In WordPress

To add a navigation menu in WordPress site of yours, first, navigate to Appearance -> Menus from your dashboard. 

In the Menu name field write the name of the navigation menu (I kept the name as ‘Navigation Menu’) and hit ‘create now’ button. The menu will be created and more options will be shown in the screen. 

Now you can see menu items to be added on the left side. 

From the display location setting, you can show your menu in any position you prefer. You can automatically add top-level pages in the menu by placing a tick in ‘Auto add pages’. 

Or simply place a tick on the pages that you want to add to your navigation menu and then click on the ‘Add to Menu’ button. 

Once the menu is created, you will see the order in the right side. Then you can drag and organize in the way you want. 

Or you can click on the menu item and then click or move up or move down button.

If you Press the ‘Under’ button it will be linked up like a sub-menu. Or just drag and place it in the right. 

Add Custom Link in Navigation Menu

Similarly, if you want to add custom links to your navigation menu, click on Custom Links and place URL, Link Text, and click on Add to Menu. Then it will be added. 

After customizing your navigation menu don’t forget to hit the Save Menu button. If you forget, you will lose your menu. 

Last Words

Hope now you will be able to add a navigation menu in WordPress site of yours by yourself. If you face any trouble feel free to ask for help. If you liked this post share it with your friends and also check out our other posts. 

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