How To Add Tabbed Content In WordPress Posts And Pages

Add Tabbed Content

Everyone likes to easily find what they’ve been looking for. If you want to do it for your visitors you can easily do it with tabbed contents. These tabbed contents are very well organized and one can easily find what they were looking for by clicking on the specified tab. 

Moreover, Tabbed content also helps you to save space on your website. One may feel bored reading a very long post, with help of Tabbed content one will not feel that. If you don’t know how to add tabbed content in WordPress Posts and pages, worry not. 

In this post, I am going to show you to add one. So stick in the post, let’s begin then.  

How To Add Tabbed Content In WordPress Posts And Pages

To add tabbed content in WordPress there is no other way than using a WordPress plugin. For doing is I consider using Ultimate Blocks, as it is lightweight and very user-friendly. 

First, install and activate Ultimate Blocks from the WordPress plugins directory. Now open the post/page where you want to add tabbed content. Click on the Add ‘+’ button and search for 

Now search for the ‘Tabbed Content’ block and insert it by clicking on it. By default, you will find only one tab and its content area. To add more tabs click on the ‘+’ button and add as many tabs as you want. 

You can customize the alignment by clicking on any alignment option. Of course, you can align both title text and tabs. 

By clicking upon any tab you can customize the whole tab section. You can choose the active tab color, active Title color. 

Ultimate Blocks, tabbed content also has the option to show tabs in vertical order. Just toggle the Verticle option and everything will be set up vertically. If you want to show your tabs in different order click on responsive settings and apply changes as you require. 

In this way, you can customize your tabs very easily and efficiently. 

Final Words

Isn’t the whole procedure is easy? Install ultimate blocks now, and organize your content by saving more space in a post. If you have liked this post please share it and don’t forget to share your thoughts through the comment box below. 


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