9 Best WordPress Helpdesk & Support Ticket Plugins (FREE)

If you’re a website or business owner, I’m sure you’ve received your fair share of scattered emails from customers with various queries. While it’s relatively easy to manage them at first, the more your customer base grows, the more challenging it gets to manage support requests. 

Over time, you might struggle to keep up with responding to every inquiry, get overwhelmed, and sometimes, watch things will slip through the cracks. This is where helpdesk and customer support ticket plugins come in handy. 

We’ve done our research and found 8 top-performing WordPress helpdesk and support ticket plugins, which can help you handle customer queries, complaints, and support requests in an organized and streamlined way.

Once you use them, your customers can get the support they need, and you can go back to growing your business.


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Now, let’s jump in! 

1. Fluent Support

Are you tired of your customers bombarding your inbox with questions and concerns? Fear not, my friend, because Fluent Support has got your back!

With Fluent Support, you can handle customer queries like a pro right from your WordPress dashboard. It offers a comprehensive help desk and support system with various features to manage customer queries from different channels such as email, contact form, and support ticketing form.

But wait, there’s more! You can assign multiple customer agents with various permission levels, add notes for your eyes only, and segment tickets by product. Plus, you can respond to multiple tickets at once, which is pretty much like being a customer support superhero.

In addition to ticket management, Fluent Support offers detailed reports of customer queries, agent performance, and overall productivity. It is GDPR-compliant and self-hosted, ensuring that you own your data without requiring any external SaaS connection.

Check out the key highlights of Fluent Support:

  • WP support ticket system
  • Assign agents with unique permissions
  • Segment tickets by product
  • Add internal notes for team members
  • Respond to multiple tickets quickly
  • GDPR compliant & self-hosted

The plugin costs $90 annually for a single-site license and $174 annually for 5 domains.

2. WSDesk

This plugin is designed to revolutionize your customer support experience on your WordPress website. With its powerful features and seamless integration, the plugin provides an efficient and organized way to manage customer inquiries and deliver exceptional support. 

From creating and managing unlimited tickets to email integration and canned responses, this plugin streamlines your support process, saving you time and ensuring consistent and prompt responses. 

With the ability to prioritize tickets, generate automated replies with ChatGPT integration, integrate with your knowledge base, and access comprehensive analytics, WSDesk empowers you to deliver top-notch customer service and enhance customer satisfaction. It gives you a centralized and efficient help desk solution for your WooCommerce site!

Here are the key highlights of the WSDesk plugin:

  • You can easily manage and track customer issues from a centralized dashboard.
  • You can manage support through multiple channels simultaneously.
  • WSDesk comes preloaded with OpenAI’s ChatGPT integrated into your dashboard which allows you to create automated responses with a business tone and check for grammatical errors among other things.
  • WSDesk provides an intuitive interface with an AJAX-based design that is simple to use.
  • You can create ticket views based on ticket tags, agents, forwarded emails, Zendesk tickets, and more.
  • You may automate the support process using triggers.
  • Analyze agent performance through metrics like satisfaction scores.

WSDesk offers a free version with limited functionality. If you wish to take full advantage of the plugin functionality, check out the premium version which starts at $99 for a single site.

3. Support Genix

Support Genix is a useful plugin for businesses looking to improve their customer service experience and streamline their support ticket system. This plugin gives you everything you need to manage and monitor ticket requests from a single and centralized dashboard. 

It offers an array of impressive features, including unlimited tickets, agents, and users. Plus, effortless task delegation and collaboration between departments to seamlessly manage even the most intense levels of demand. 

With Support Genix, you’ll stay on top of your customer needs with ease. Keep track of all your interactions with features like email piping, WooCommerce integration, email notifications, incoming Webhooks, agent control, and ticket transfer. 

Trust Support Genix to be your go-to customer service solution in this ever-evolving world of business.

Here are the key highlights of the SupportGenix WordPress plugin:

  • Get unlimited tickets, agents, and users in one central location.
  • The advanced email piping feature automates email imports directly into the support ticket system for streamlined communication. 
  • Seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce to facilitate secure order ID verification. 
  • Easily create, assign, and transfer tickets between departments to optimize time management.
  • Adjust email notifications accordingly based on different occurrences such as when a ticket is created, replied to, or closed.
  • The platform is user-friendly. 
  • The plugin provides great customer support and documentation. 

SupportGenix offers two versions: Free and Pro. With the Pro version starting at just $59/year, users gain access to unlimited tickets, users, and business email piping, as well as 1-Year of updates and support included. Don’t miss out on this affordable and comprehensive package.

4. Zendesk

If you’re looking for a way to bring your Zendesk-powered helpdesk into your WordPress site or blog, Zendesk for WordPress has got you covered! With this plugin, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the amazing features of Zendesk, while also seamlessly integrating with your WordPress site.

With Zendesk, you can keep your users happy with a smooth and seamless Single Sign On that’ll save them the hassle of registering for a new account. Plus, you can turn those pesky comment threads into easily-manageable tickets, and keep track of everything from your dashboard.

Plus, with the Zendesk feedback tab, you can add a tab to any webpage where users can search your knowledge base, chat with an agent, or submit a ticket. 

You’ll also have full access to your tickets, views, and comments right from your WordPress dashboard. And don’t forget, you can set up a simple contact form that’ll make it easy for anyone to get in touch, regardless of whether they have a Zendesk account or not!

Here are the key highlights of Zendesk for WordPress:

  • Single sign-on for Zendesk’s Remote Authentication
  • Turn blog comments into Zendesk tickets with one click
  • Add a Zendesk feedback tab to any webpage
  • Access tickets from the WordPress dashboard
  • The simple two-field contact form on dashboard
  • Customizable feedback tab for searching knowledge base

You need a Zendesk subscription to use this plugin. While Zendesk has a free trial, you can try its Suite Team plan, priced at $49 per agent/month, billed annually.

5. ThriveDesk

Introducing ThriveDesk – the magical chat genie that will light up your WordPress site! It’s also lightweight and fast, meaning it won’t slow down your website while attracting and engaging customers.

ThriveDesk’s helpdesk and support ticket plugin for WordPress allows you to manage all customer conversations through a shared inbox. This makes it easier for your team to collaborate and provide better customer support. It will help you set assignments, detect collisions, filter spam, and provide powerful search capabilities. 

Its advanced reporting feature provides data-driven insights, such as conversations reporting, happiness score, and agent performance. Plus, you can integrate ThriveDesk with WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Envato, and other systems. 

It is currently developing a knowledge base feature to help customers find answers to their problems quickly. It’ll save you time, reduce the number of repetitive incident logs, and improve resolution times.

Here are the key highlights of ThriveDesk:

  • Shared inbox for better team collaboration
  • Automate tasks, track performance, credible reporting
  • Data-driven decisions for customer support
  • Reduce ticket inflow, improve resolution times
  • Self-service system with Live Chat and Ticket system
  • Integrates with WooCommerce and more

ThriveDesk has a free demo and multiple pricing plans. The lowest premium plan starts from $6 USD/user per month, charged annually. 

6. Awesome Support

Awesome Support is a highly versatile plugin for WordPress that offers extensive features for helpdesk and support ticketing. Installing and activating it is a breeze, it takes just 5 minutes—that’s less time than it takes to microwave popcorn.

The plugin is a breeze to use, as it supports ticketing, sending email notifications, restricting ticket access, and more. If you’re working with a large team, you can set up time tracking and have multiple agents collaborating on a single ticket. Security is also a top priority with Awesome Support, and admins can assign the right capabilities to each agent.

If you’re a startup, small business, or even a large corporation, Awesome Support has got your back. You get unlimited everything – tickets, agents, users, products, tags, and custom priorities. Plus, agents can create tickets on behalf of users and receive email notifications for ticket events. It’s like having your own personal support army!

Take a look at the highlights of Awesome Support:

  • Versatile plugin for helpdesk and support ticketing
  • Offers extensive free and premium features
  • Easy setup with a startup wizard
  • GDPR ready and Gutenberg aware
  • Highly secure with role-based access control
  • Developer-friendly with a REST API for easy data integration

The lowest premium plan of Awesome Support starts from $149/year with 1-year support.

7. SupportCandy

One of the oldest support ticket systems for WordPress, SupportCandy is simple, secure, and packed with features to help you support your customers like never before.

SupportCandy offers a range of features to help you provide your customers with the best support possible. You can add unlimited tickets and agents, and there are over 15 custom field types available for you to add custom fields to your tickets. You can also create filters and saved filters for customers and agents to help you find the tickets you need quickly.

The plugin also includes private notes for internal communication between agents. Additionally, thanks to its real-time email notifications, you’ll always be in the loop when it comes to new tickets and changes to existing ones. Plus, its REST API allows you to connect your applications using highly secure and industry-standard APIs.

Best of all, SupportCandy is truly self-hosted, without any restrictions. You won’t have to worry about per-agent/month costs as you scale, and you’ll always have complete control over your data. This is a great way to keep your team on the same page and ensure that everyone has the information they need to provide excellent support.

Take a look at the highlights of SupportCandy:

  • Self-hosted without restrictions
  • No per-agent/month costs
  • Complete control over data
  • REST API for connecting applications
  • Custom filters for customers and agents
  • Private notes for internal communication

With a 30-day money back guarantee, SupportCandy’s plans start from $49/year for 1 domain. 

8. JS Help Desk

JS Help Desk is a powerful and feature-rich ticket listing system that comes with beautifully designed layouts, powerful search options, and multiple sorting options. With unlimited tickets and agents, JS Help Desk comes packed with more features than most expensive support ticket systems on the market.

It lets you build fantastic ticket forms using unlimited custom fields to your tickets, such as checkboxes, text inputs, radio buttons, and dropdown menus. You can even set up email templates and add HTML notes and paragraphs to your tickets using the built-in HTML editor. And with more than 250 admin configurations available, you’ll have plenty of options to customize the plugin to your specific needs!

It also allows you to manage your tickets easily. The plugin offers multiple options for ticket listing, such as open tickets, close tickets, answered tickets, overdue tickets, and more. It lets you search for tickets by ID, title, priority, creation date, and more. 

Lastly, its reporting feature provides detailed reports on tickets handled by staff members, which can be categorized by status, priorities, departments, and channels, thus ensuring a comprehensive ticketing experience all around. 

Take a look at the highlights of JS Help Desk:

  • Responsive on all devices
  • Supports 35+ translations
  • Custom fields and message options 
  • Full control over email templates 
  • Unlimited agents and departments
  • GDPR-compliant with data erasure requests
  • Powerful filters and sorting options

Its basic plan starts from $69/year for 1 website.

9. Help Scout

Help Scout is a customer support platform trusted by more than 12,000 businesses for its easy-to-use interface, fast response times, and multiple outreach options.

With the aim to build better customer relationships, Help Scout has a range of features that support your team’s productivity while delivering cross-channel support. This includes support to customers through email, Messenger, and chat, responding to requests accurately and in a timely manner. 

You can also reduce support volume by enabling customers to find answers themselves via self-service options (including a Knowledge Base), which saves both your team and customers valuable time. Additionally, Help Scout’s detailed reporting and analytics features allow you to monitor and adjust your support efforts, so you can constantly improve and provide the best experience for your customers.

With integrations to over 90 tools, Help Scout provides a true platform that helps you build a powerful, connected support experience. It’s easy automations give you all the features you want- all without the complexity!

Here are the key highlights of Help Scout:

  • Customer support platform for businesses
  • Easy-to-use interface resembling an email inbox
  • Simplified and fast response times
  • Multiple outreach options and self-service features
  • Cross-channel support and actionable insights
  • Shared inbox, live chat, in-app messages, knowledge base, reporting, and integrations

Help Scout’s Standard plan starts from $20/per user​​ on a monthly basis.


Well, there you have it, folks! 

I hope this article has helped you find the perfect support plugin for your needs. And if not, at least you now have a better understanding of what’s out there in the market.

 From ticket automation to analytics, there’s a plugin for everyone. With these tools at your disposal, you can improve your customer support and provide the best possible service. 

So, why not share this article with a friend who might also benefit from it? After all, sharing is caring!

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