7 Best Plagiarism Checker For Bloggers & Writers

Plagiarism is like a black mark on the content world. People copy the work of other people and try to pass it off as they have written it. It is a very big fraudulent act, which must be stopped. 

Besides, if any duplicate content is found on your website, your whole company could be a victim of copyright cases. For this reason, plagiarism checkers have been introduced. It detects any copied text in the content and lets you know about it. After watching the report, you can see where the text has been taken from. 

In this way, you can stop the fraudulent act and ensure unique content on your website. 

There are a lot of plagiarism checkers available on the internet. Their functionality, along with pricing, is different. If you choose the wrong plagiarism checker, you may get the wrong report and even end up losing your valuable money and time. 

In this post, I have listed the seven best plagiarism checkers for bloggers and writers. You can choose any of these that best suits your requirements.


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*Note: We have calculated the reliability and accuracy scores based on the ratings on Trustpilot, Capterra, Sitejabber, and G2.

Now, let’s dive into the details of these plagiarism checker tools.


CopyScape is one of the recognizable plagiarism checkers, and most of the teachers, along with students, are familiar with it. This plagiarism detector works great with the world’s most languages. But they don’t work well in some languages, including Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

This plagiarism detector relies on Bing and Google to help supply a steady stream of sources for checking. They have kept the tool very simple with a big text box where you can check plagiarism for any online content. If you are not a premium member, then you cannot check offline content. 

You won’t be able to take much benefit from this tool until you purchase it. The premium version shows you better results, but there’s no way to save your reports. Therefore, you can’t go back and check those reports and compare them against other versions. 

This plagiarism detector will hold you back with one more thing; you can only access Copyscape through your laptop or desktop. There is no support for the mobile version, Microsoft Word, or browsers. 

Pricing: By paying a few cents for a few words, you can always get premium access.


You will find very few people who haven’t heard the name of Grammarly. This is one of the very powerful grammar checker tools that also provide plagiarism checking. You will be able to check all of your grammar as well as plagiarism in one editor. 

Furthermore, you can extend its abilities by enabling its different platforms. For example, you can use the Grammarly keyboard on mobile, use the extension on Microsoft Office, use on windows, and you can check grammar anywhere with the Chrome extension. 

That means wherever you go, and whatever you are writing, you can check for plagiarism from anywhere at any time on any platform. 

Grammarly comes with both pro and free versions, but the plagiarism checker is not available in the free version. You can only check basic errors like spelling and grammar mistakes on it. To check for plagiarism, you need to buy the pro version of Grammarly. 

Besides, with the premium version, you can catch your grammar mistakes, punctuation mistakes, contextual spelling errors, etc. This will even let you focus on your content tone and sentence structure, which makes Grammarly worth its price. 

Pricing: As I said earlier, there are two versions available for Grammarly Premium and Free. You can get started for free, but for checking plagiarism, there is no other way. The premium version will cost you $29.95 per month, but you can decrease the cost by paying annually ($11.66 per month) or quarterly ($19.98 per month). 


Copyleaks is another plagiarism checker that offers you a convenient way to scan the entire website. This tool is mostly popular among educators. It pulls from a huge database that numbers somewhere into billions. This database is made up of a specialized internal database and public sources. 

One of the interesting facts of Copyleaks is that they use a point-based system, where words cost you points. Therefore you don’t have to pay a monthly price; instead, you have to buy credits whenever you need them. If you are going to use Copyleaks, you better check the quantity of your content first. 

It’s going to cost you roughly 100 points for around 25000 words.

Copyleaks got covered you all around; it comes with both Android and iOS apps. If that’s not enough for you, it also gave desktop, Microsoft word, and Google Docs integration. It offers you multilingual support; therefore, language isn’t a barrier.  

There is no grammar checker included in the app, so you have to use additional applications for that part. That means you have to spend additionally on a grammar app. One more thing, you cannot export individual reports. 

Pricing: You can get a Copyleaks subscription starting from 10.99/month. Where you will be able to check 100 pages or 25K words per month, if you are a heavy user, it is certainly not for you. 


This is one of the new plagiarism detectors that also check the spelling and grammar of your content. PaperRater is dependent on Bing and Google for their plagiarism database, apparently combing the whole searchable internet to look for matches. 

PaperRater offers you both a premium and a free version of a subscription. However the free version comes with a lot of limitations. In each round, you will be able to check only five pages or 1500 words only, for a total of ten plagiarism checks per month. 

This offer might not look amazing, but it would be enough for most students on a budget. 

Unfortunately, this plagiarism checker can check only the English language. If you want to check the content of other languages, you might need another plagiarism checker. 

The premium version of PaperRater is also pretty much limited. It will allow 20 pages/submissions with a maximum of 200 submissions and 25 plagiarism checks per month. But the result they provide is very much accurate. 

Pricing: You can use the free version without any cost, but if you want to use the pro version, you have to pay $14.95/month or $95.40/year. 


QueText is one of the very old plagiarism checkers, which was entirely free once. But now they have introduced their premium version, which is quite reliable. 

This plagiarism checker comes with a huge database that includes everything from online sites to books, even journals. Their DeepSearch technology will allow you to check plagiarism from 51 million different sources. Can you even count the number?

That’s not all; the data they will provide is very much accurate. However, the free version will not provide you with DeepSearch and comes with a lot of limitations. It will allow you to check 2500 words or five pages per month only. 

But if you buy the premium version, you can lift these limitations and check ten thousand words at a time with extended DeepSearch. This tool is pretty easy to use; all you have to do is paste the content or upload any doc you have. After hitting the check button, the report will be ready within a couple of seconds. 

They have covered desktop laptops and all browsers (chrome, safari, opera, firefox) with their extensions. But unfortunately, QueText doesn’t offer any native mobile app. 

Pricing: The premium version of QueText will cost you $9.99/month. In which you will be able to check 100,000 words(200 pages), download the original report, get premium support, and much more. 


Most of the plagiarism checkers will give you percentage-based scores, but BibMe will give you a specific number of issues that were found on your doc. All you have to do is paste your text content on BibMe, and it will do the rest. 

Limitations are everywhere, but there is no word called ‘limitation in BibMe. Yes, you can check your content unlimited times, and there are no restrictions whatsoever for paying clients. But unfortunately, you cannot check a single page of plagiarism in the free plan. 

BibMe provides accurate results very much, but it won’t tell you a number or the type of sources they are using to compare against. They also don’t provide any reporting to help you see the corrections you have made this far. 

Other plagiarism checkers provide you with extensions, but BibMe has none. Because they believe online checking is the best, rather than extensions. If you are going to check plagiarism for the English language, only you are at the right place, as it doesn’t support multilingual sites. 

Pricing: You can get BibMe for $9.95 per month. Before purchasing BibMe, you can get a three-day free trial. Trust me, it is worth a shot. 


WhiteSmoke is another plagiarism checker that also provides you with grammar checking. It is a perfect tool for writers and blogger who wants to translate their content and check for plagiarism right after finishing the writing process.

Recently, this tool has been rebuilt from the ground to improve its performance and increase efficiency. After purchasing the pro version, you will get video tutorials from experts that will help improve your writing. In this way, you will be able to learn while you work. 

Most of the plagiarism checker comes in only English version, but WhiteSmoke comes in 55 languages. Therefore, you are covered across most of the popular languages around the world. 

WhiteSmoke comes with different integrations for Microsoft Office, windows, and Mac. But the web-based version is very much more comfortable than others. After checking a document is WhiteSmoke, you will always get a detailed result. Then, you can alter the content that needs improvement. 

This plagiarism detector tool comes with both free and premium versions. But you won’t like to use the free version as it is very much limited and therefore it is less ideal. 

Pricing: There are a total of 3 plans available for WhiteSmoke. The prices are affordable, but you cannot test before completing the purchase. 

  • Business Plan: You will get the business plan for $11.5 per month and will be billed as a one-time payment of $137.95. This plan is not intended for single writers, since it provides three computer licenses.
  • Premium Plan: The premium plan comes for $6.66 per month and will be billed as a one-time payment of $79.95. This is considered as the perfect pricing plan, and it offers more options. In my opinion, this plan is worth of your money. 
  • Web Version: The web version will cost you $5 per month, but you have to pay a bill of $59.95 at a time. 


So have you decided which one to choose? If you ask me for a suggestion, I will tell you to choose Grammarly. This tool is perfect from every point of view. You won’t have to spend money separately for a grammar-checking tool. 

Besides, Grammarly provides different many useful integrations to check plagiarism and grammar on the go. The other plagiarism checker listed here may also be perfect for you. Choose the one that suits your requirements best. 

Don’t forget to know your thoughts in the comment box below. 

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  1. Tom Avatar

    Plagiarism has indeed become a problem and have tried quite a few checkers. One that stood out the most for me is Skandy ( https://skandy.co ) due to its reliability and easy to use interface. I could install it to all my mobile devices and simply have to copy paste the text or URL for it to scan my work. They also provide free credits for new users to test it out.

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