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Open toggle block by default when the anchor link is in the URL

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I’m not sure if this is possible, but it would be great to have a functionality where a toggle block with set ID is opened by default if its ID (anchor link) is used in the url.

For example, I have a page with 20+ toggle block, all closed by default, and I want to link one of the toggles from a different page, let’s say it’s 15th toggle from the list, and I assign an ID “linked-toggle” ( When I visit the page using the, it scrolls down to that toggle, but it would be useful if that toggle could be opened by default when visiting from URL.

Hope I explained that clearly.

Let me know if there’s any chance we could get this feature.

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You can already do that.

When you are editing a panel, head on to Advanced section of the block options. 

You can put the ID there that can be used as the anchor.

Please refer to the attached screenshot.

Kind regards.

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