How To Add A Cover Image/Video In WordPress

add a cover image

With the introduction of the Block Editor, WordPress has brought so many divine changes and features.

Cover Block is one of them. It lets you add cover images/videos to your WordPress posts/pages.

However, don’t confuse this feature with the ‘Featured image’ option. The featured image of WordPress post/page is a different thing.

Here we’ll show you how to add a cover image/video in WordPress posts/pages.

What is a Cover Image?

An image that is used as a cover photo of a new section in a blog post or page is referred to as a cover image.

You can use this image when you are starting a new story or a section in your post. With this block, you can add any text and color overlay on your cover image. 

How to Add a Cover Image/Video In WordPress

The new editor of WordPress comes with a special block named Cover that allows you to add a cover image in WordPress. 

You can quickly add Cover Block by typing “/cover” in a new paragraph block and pressing the enter.

Now drag and drop an image or video in the block to upload as a new cover. You can also upload the image by clicking on the upload button (1) or choose an image from the media library (2). 

Upon adding the image/video, you can add a text on it. Simply click on the image/video and add the text. You can also customize the text from the text toolbar.

This is how you can add a cover image/video to your WordPress post/page.

You can customize a lot of things on the cover block which will be discussed below.

Width Option

You can set the image with two width options – Full width and wide width. 

Change Text Position

Fixed Background


Focal Point Picker






Hope this post helped you to add cover image to your WordPress post/page. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to ask us via comment.

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