How to Display Recent Posts in WordPress Easily

display recent posts

Are you searching for a way to display recent posts on the WordPress site? Showing recent posts helps your visitors easily discover your new content and spend more time on your website. 

You can easily show this latest post inside any post or widget area by using WordPress’s default feature. In this post, I will show you, how to display recent posts in WordPress. All you have to do is, follow this post and do exactly to display recent posts. 

Let’s start, then. 

Display Recent Posts Using WordPress’s Latest Posts Block

The default editor of WordPress comes with a built-in ‘Latest Posts’ block. You can easily add this block to any post to display recent posts in WordPress. 

To Display recent posts using this block, first, open the post/page where you want to display recent posts. Click on the add ‘+’ button and search for ‘Latest Posts’.

Add this block, and your Posts will appear on the page. Then click the Settings Icon and click on ‘Post Content’ to show post content. If you click on ‘Full Post,’ it will show the entire post in this block. 

There is also an option for displaying the author’s name, post date, and featured image. That’s not all; if you want, you can also sort items and show posts category-wise. By default, this block shows five posts, if you want to increase that number, do it from this settings panel. 

Showing posts in the list view may feel odd, therefore, you can change it to grid view by clicking on the ‘grid view’ button. 

Here is the final look.

Display Using WordPress Recent Posts Widget

If you want to show recent posts in your sidebar instead of a page, you can do it by using the Recent Posts Widget. 

From the dashboard, navigate to Appearance -> Widgets, then click on the “add block” button below. Now look for the “Latest posts” block and insert it by clicking on it.

Then configure it according to your need.

Finally, don’t forget to ‘Save’ button to save widget settings. 


That’s all, isn’t it easy to display recent posts in WordPress posts? Let me know if you have successfully been able to show recent posts on your WordPress site after reading this post. If you liked this post, please share it and tell me your thoughts through the comment box below. 

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